Realizations from beating an addiction and not my meat.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by arrozaldo00, Nov 10, 2019.

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    64 Days in and It's been a pretty wild ride so far on NoFap and there were a few times when I really just wanted to give up. Beating an addiction can really have crazy side effects like some overt symptoms of depression and even physical body weakness but getting through that is still pretty worth it especially with all the growing up that had happened to me.

    Everything feels real right now; the bad things feel bad and the good things feel better and somehow I can feel things happen around me instead of them just passing. I'm no longer a spectator in my own life, I actually have a good grasp on it...instead of something smaller.

    Still, on the bad side it seems like my tolerance for bullsh*t has gotten way smaller. It's like I can also feel when stuff is all fake. Porn, modern educational system, modern work system and perhaps our society in general its all fake. I'm not saying that it doesn't exist but more like it isn't sincere and it all exists to take more from you than what you can get from them.

    I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist here but maybe Porn and Fapping (and other adictive substances or activities) make us more numb to our problems and thus more compliant to the whims of others, forgetting ourselves in the process. It may not be by design ofcourse.
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    It is by design. Sasha Cobra, an energy specialists regarding healthy sexuality posted this the other day. I don't think they are her words but anyways. "There is evidence that porn is in fact a psychological weapon, used in the spiritual war on human consciousness. Porn lowers men and women's sex drive, degrades relationships, and decreases grey matter in the brain. Some effects of porn on the brain are similar to drugs and alcohol, which releases excessive amounts of dopamine. This damages the dopamine receptors, which has been showed to cause depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and decrease self confidence. The illuminati & Hollywood use porn as a weapon to degrade the relationship between men and women in society, making it easier to control the population." Thought you might find this interesting. Take care.
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    So much knowledge in this topic guys. Way to go! :)
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