Realized that no one is themselves

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Usernameallowed, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. Usernameallowed

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    Is anyone truly themselves

    Always seems like we have always been adapting ourselves towards what "society" is ultimately everyone is big fake

    So it gets more and more difficult to get to know people
  2. This is probably why there are so many horrible people on the internet. It's an anonymous outlet for all the bad stuff they hold back in their day to day life.

    I feel what is "socially acceptable" is getting more narrow in focus these days.
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  3. Legacy of Lost Soul

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    I consider myself very openminded, rebelious, Ive done a lot of mind expanding experiences etc, yet I still 100% feel like Im NOT acting like a true myself. By far. I dress so ppl think about me in some way. I talk in a way I dont scare ppl... I do most things in a way ppl like me. Its easy to say "I dont care what others think about me" - every damned woker will told u so and 99,9999999% of em will LIE.

    We are a social animals. It was absolutely crucial for us in our long gone past what other ppl from the group thought about us. Most likely our life depended on it. And now suddenly "we dont care"... BS!
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  4. Talz

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    I've been suppressing my personality a lot. There's more to me than I show for sure. I have no confidence and don't really have a "tribe" so to speak. I was more outspoken when I had people in my life that accepted me, I remember that. I isolated and lost a lot of social skills I was building and that doesn't help.

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