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Really lame orgasms...

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Aug 18, 2022.

  1. This symptom I didn't even realise until as I had got so lost in this BS but I've been having really unintense orgasms for years.

    I remember I did a 40 day hard mode reboot few years ago and after MOing the orgasm was incredible – literally best one I'd had for a decade. But after MOing again regularly they went back to 3/10. Not that intense at all.

    I don't hear this talked about a lot. This started before I even knew that porn was bad for you. Has anyone had this and recovered from it in here?
  2. Divine By Design

    Divine By Design Fapstronaut

    You basically answered your question yourself. The intensity returned after you stopped MOing
  3. Anonymous86

    Anonymous86 Fapstronaut

    I can vouch for this. After a 9 day streak, I had a little more intense of an orgasm.
  4. Does it come back consistently though? I just don't know what a realistic orgasm expectation is in your 30s. Does it feel like it did when you were 18 etc.?
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  5. When I did 233 days in 2020, I relapsed on PMO. The O was not enjoyable, it was weird.

    I think that when you break from the kind of dopamine that the O induces,
    the brain just doesn't take it the same way.

    Then, late last year I did 194 days on hard mode, relapsing the same way.

    Every other part is the same as before, except there isn't a "euphoric" feeling
    in the brain.

    The whole of the sensation is in the body part, down there.

    It's like an unnatural body spasm. My brain is like, why are you doing that?

    You don't need that. Stop that. Gross!

    It has made me question exactly what it is that I want from girls.

    Without the big O, what is the point of all of it?

    Without the O, there's no point in the sex. Without the sex, there isn't a need for the girl.

    So I just live like a monk or a eunach, I guess.

    It's not the way things were before. I used to be married even...
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