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Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by FirstBorn93, May 31, 2019.

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    Hey everybody,
    Just signed up to this forum yesterday.
    Excessive porn abuse and masturbation has caused me a lot of stress , anxiety and damage over the years.
    Been masturbating since i was 9 and i am 25 now.
    My method of masturbating is in my boxers on so that i can feel a lot of friction on my penis , i masturbate very fast , which really made my penis somewhat insensitive.
    So many times i couldn't get hard with partners and felt embarrassed as a man , couldn't penetrate and it was humiliating , even had times where i couldn't cum...
    The over stimulation and abuse of masturbation and sex made it impossible for a regular act as making love pleasurable and exciting enough for me.
    The issue is that it's so hard to get out once you're so deep inside , and i've been trying to do that for the past 2-3 years.
    Wish everyone luck and strength here , we can do this!
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    Vision yourself in control & all the delayed greatness for yourself that awaits from not relapsing! Fight!
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  3. Man, I have also had problems with a girl because of a similar masturbation technique.
    My advice is try as hard as possible to stay clean for 90 days. Don't give up, things will get better (I can tell you being at day 47 myself).
    It's not easy to stay on the right path, but this forum offers a lot of resources to help you.
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    I know the feeling my brother. I have been trying to reboot for nearly 2,5 years now as well. I had a couple of great streaks, but always fell back. I now know that it was because of a faulty mindset. I was focused only on the improvement of my PIED issues, while NoFap should be something you do for all of life. NoFap is a lifestyle, so you should do NoFap for the purpose of becoming a better version of yourself. And the healing of your PIED will be a wonderful bonus you will pick up along the way.

    I know it is hard. There is a reason there is only about 1% of the entire male population who do NoFap, because we are the only ones honest enough to recognize that we have a problem. But this problem can and will be fixed. Look at all the other success stories. Please keep going my friend.
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    I'm trying , it is very hard but i can do it , thanks!

    Oh man that's just the worst feeling being with a girl and not being able to get hard , feels emasculating lol.
    I already hit 90 days about 1-2 years ago , while it felt good once i hit my goal i relapsed.
    I think the goal is for it to be forever , not to make it a part of my life anymore.

    Mindset is very important , and you are right it should be something for life and not just 90 days.
    About the second part with the 1% i don't think that's really accurate since there are lots of men who watch porn and masturbate who aren't addicted to it.
    The fact that we do recognize we have a problem and want to fix it is a great start , we can and we will fix it!
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    My Journal
    Hey, Jack.

    Do you think that it is necessary to go outside, if you want to quit PMO?


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