Reasons of never inviting this PMO demon ever again..

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  1. Reasons of not doing PMO ever again are huge and huge..

    1. My skin: the scientific reason of increased DHT level and hormone imbalance during orgasm is the biggest reason of getting acnes which are not at all tolerated.
    2. My hair: DHT production stops the growth of hair follicles and even makes hair grey.
    3. Fear of getting into a fight: Eventually PMO addicts may show that we are fearless from outside but we are the most coward and useless people and that's the truth. PMO has programmed us in that way. This is also becoz of low testosterone levels.
    4. Being beta-male: watching porn made us beta-male, believe it or not. Watching unknown people have sex is such a nuisance while we are just having a solo-sex like a coward hiding from others.
    5. Peocastination: "O damn, i PMOed today, i must not do this particular work for atleast two days, let my relapsed energy come back. But it's never gonna happen.
    6. Did you know:"Semen is only one percent sperm; the rest is composed of over 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc" and what about the precious life energy which we throwout!!!
    7. Low confidence: we will always doubt ourselves. And that feeling of shame, we all know that.
    8. Eye contact: can you even look into the eye of your parents !! I don't think so.
    9. For my connection of soul with the almighty: we all have a connection with god, all the animals, humans etc; a connection that cannot be derived by words. It's my personal experiance everytime i PMO i get an inner voice "don't do it my child, don't do it, you'll be fine" but then also i do it and then i cry abput myself.
    10. PMO is a demon: It is a form of demon, the urges are the control of demon that it wants to control us if we give it a chance. It gets it's energy by sucking our life energy living us a useless pupper in this world.
    11. Useless wastage of time: We can do a lot of better things unstead of that time of wasting time for our badness.
    12. It makes us to forget the difference between good and bad: we may get into many other bad addictions very easily.
    13. It makes us to see women as an object: i want to see every women as my own sister/mother. PMO has made us a pervert monster, we all know it but barely any understand it.
    14. We are just promoting this P industry, nothing else: many of us would have paid for porn, really !! Paying for porn !! Paying for our own demolishment!!
    15. It makes us physically, mentally and spiritually, really really weak: Many of the PMO addicts will not like to go to temple/church/mosque. Becoz we are controlled by demons, we might have seen in many horror movies, just like that. Physically we have zero stamina, zero energy. We cannot even remember what happened yesterday. Zero concentration.
    16. Feeling worthless about myself: we feel like we are not worthy of anything in this world. Being just a useless puppet in this world in this competitive world.
    17. Never being happy of anything: always sad and frustrated. Always being isolated, even from our family.
    18. Suicidal thoughts: depression due to PMO makes us feel like we should just leave this world now.
    19. To show this world how great i am: this world is full of nonscence people who think themselves no less than god, and only NoPMO can give us the strength to tackle this kind of people.
    20. taking care of myself: PMO makes us a slave of the PMO demon and a slave have no rights to take care of themselves, but if we are this PMO demon free, then we start to think about our betterment.
    21. PMO is a self-abuse: Did you know!! Even our body is not ours, it's a part of the almighty soul. We would live in this world for approx 75-85 years, just that is the time your body is called yours, after that, it is just a food of other organisms. Why to abuse a body which is not ours.
    22. It makes us inferior to others: we might be meeting an old childhood friend of ours and he may think that how come this guy who was a very joyfull kid turned into a looser personality..
    23. PMO makes us look like we are mad
    24. PMO reduces bone density. I don't want to die as an osteoporosis patient..
    This are the reasons i will never do PMO and free myself from this demon named PMO. I will add many more when it comes to my mind.

    The bottomline is, only driving this PMO demon away from us can make us the best version of ourself. Thats's it. As long as we don't make a 100% commitment, we will always open our door for this demon and this should never happen.
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    Right on Brother!
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  3. Thanks to you for always being a gifted support..:)
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    I couldn't agree more with this well-written list. :)

    PMO is a snare that should always be avoided. We are only trapping ourselves if we allow it to happen.
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  5. This list was written from the bottom of my heart..i was thinking about everything today morning, what has PMO done to me!! Where is my older best version which always used to be playfull and joyfull !! When did i become such a coward that i can't even hold my head up..!
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    PMO won the battle, but it lost the war. It made me realize the strengths and dedication I had that otherwise would've not been unearthed. From your list, I sense a similar circumstance, where the struggle itself, despite all the pain and negativities of it, made you stronger.

    The true beauty is we can return to happiness, so long as you choose so.

    Hang in there, bud!
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    Sweet Potato. Great Post man. your profile pics makes me hunger. Lunch time for me:D
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