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    I have lied to my girlfriend of 1.5 years too many times to try and hide my PM addiction and I want to change for the better. I have started my journey of 30 days no P or M and I’m one week in and I’m feeling really optimistic. My ultimate goal is definitely to do more than 30 days and strengthen my relationship, but I’m the kind of person that if a task seems too daunting it scares me and I crumble. I’ve learned that breaking things down into smaller goals helps me achieve my main goals. My addiction was models on Instagram and Facebook. I would look at them when I was bored or stressed or depressed. She caught me a few times looking at them and every time she asked I would deny that I was still doing it. I have put a tracker on my phone so she can see what websites I view and what I do in my apps and have deleted all of my social media, but I know this isn’t going to give her all the peace of mind she needs and I would like to give her more. I’m not very good about talking about my feelings because of past traumas and I constantly freeze up fearful to say wrong things. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Don’t lie to her. About anything. Ever. That’s it. Be truthful, so you are a trust worthy person.
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