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  1. Alright boys and girls.

    It's day 88 and I have completed my reboot. I probably completed it even before, but these day counters are just numbers, that are there to give you an estimate of your progress, but of course it's individual and I feel like I have returned to "normal" with my sexuality. I just had celebratory rub and I had no desire for porn, just a release. Sensitivity has gone through the roof, it took me a minute to finish, funny to think how I'd furiously beat my half-erect penis to porn looking for some joy in my dreary existence.

    It took me about a year to reach this place. A lot of trial and error. There were some dark moments where I'd cry after a relapse and just feel so hopeless. Always remember that it's all in your head. Emotions, our feelings, it's all in our heads. Reality, our existence is a neutral one, our minds give it colour, we create our subjective reality with our mind. You create your life, how you percieve yourself and others, where you are headed, everything.

    I quit my studies and moved abroad for 3 months to get my mind right. It was a scary decision, but also the best one in my life. I needed to get away from my surroundings and the bullshit of my day to day life. During that period I had a relapse of watching porn, but not jerking off. It's 88 days from that awful night. Besides NoFap I decided to gradually reduce my reliance on all my other crutches of which the most stronest were coffee, weed and alcohol. There was a month of being 100 % clear from everything. Right now, I am back home and I have started drinking coffee once again, also I have gone drinking twice, but it has lost it's allure. The same with weed. I'm just spending on my money and not feeling any different. Sure, I get drunk or high, but it's just... boring, played out. Also, it's a waste of time. Coffee, tho, gives me energy, it's cheap and doesn't waste my time. I shall research more about coffee and decide if I'm going to continue drinking it, we'll see.

    So... how has NoFap changed my life? You know the usual, haha. Superpowers? Sure, but only if humans are superheroes anyway. You are just returning to what you should be like and it feels fucking great, so if you're coming from the bottom you might call it superpowers. The further down you went the porn rabbit hole the more difficult it will be for you to beat it, but also the more incredibly different you will feel once you do it, and you will!

    NoFap won't fix any problems in your life, besides your porn addiction. But you will have more energy and confidence to face your issues and solve them, that's it.
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    you said half erect penis. How are your erections now?? Ihv seen improvmnt in erection but not great inprovmnt but ihv seen improvmnt in libido its back to at least 70%
  3. thanks for this, needed to read that today
  4. well I definitely had PIED, but usually with just PMO I didn't have problem, tho there were times when my body wasn't really craving it, but I was yearning for that hit of dopamine so I satrted jerking it anyway.. at those times sometimes I was half-erect. But morning wood and random erections are the standard now pretty much. I haven't had sex, but I doubt there would be any issues.
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    great. Good luck bro
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    amazing dude congrats brother
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    I just joined nofap today. And it has been great to read your post. Its great to hear from someone who has reached a place I would love to be.......its good to know its actually possible to get there eventually.
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    This is really great to read, sounds like you have come a long way! If you can go 88 days without PMO think what else you could achieve!
  9. i belive in the superpowers--im on day 60 and i was waking outside and suddenly the entire whole world
    popped in SUPER HD-- i was speechless, it was like i had been wearing a blindfold for years and suddenly it was taken off--it was just crazy how clear the world was, only lasted a moment because that was all my brain could have processed--
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