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    Hello guys,

    It's been a week since I joined this community. And taking the advice from other threads and replies on my introduction post, I have decided to make weekly posts on my PMO control progress. I will also keep a track of a few things like smoking, weight/exercise and the triggers that cause an urge and also those that take my mind off it.

    Okay, so the day that I have joined I have failed not to masturbate and so have I last night. I did not masturbate since 19th to 23rd. But last night, well, could not control the urge and totally forgot about the Panic button here on the site.

    As I have said in my introductory post, my sickness of masturbation has come to a point where I just simply cannot sleep without masturbation have few times. Last night, however, was not the case. I did it simply because I wanted to. I wanted to feel that orgasm. It was like a little voice telling "just do it, you will feel great".

    But I did not feel great. I did not feel the way I used to before I took up the challenge. I did not feel ashamed like I did on the first night after taking up the challenge. I don't have the word to describe how I felt after fapping.

    Anyway, when I think about the last 5 days where I did not masturbate, I find some sort of courage. Courage or assurance that I can control the urge tonight and the nights that follow.

    I am hoping and strongly believe that the next week when I post a new end of the week thread or update this same post, I will have controlled the impulse to masturbate thus having a 7-day streak.

    So resetting the counter:

    >No. of days since last fap: NA
    >No. of days since last cigarette: 1
    > Current weight: 107.2kg

    I have also started working out on the same day that I have joined this community. I was hoping that writing about PMO and my daily exercise to fitness will boost my morale and help achieve my goals of weightloss/fitness and PMO.
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    It did not feel the way it used to feel because now your eyes are open to the poison. Each time we watch P, each time we MO is like drinking poison. Your mind is addicted to the poison and wants you to consume more of it.
    Do you need to poison yourself to go to sleep? Do you want to feel poison going through your body to feel good?

    Ask yourself this the next time the urges come.
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