Reboot, Rewire, Recover....

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    Reboot, rewire, recover....
    Repeat this to yourself everyday. It's my new mantra. I'm sick and fucking tired of counting days, over-fucking analyzing every fucking thing I do. What it simply comes down to is denying the urge. Keeping your hands off your dick. Do you really want to heal, or don't you? How fucking bad do you really want this? Ask yourself that simple question. You wanna suffer from PIED for years to come? Keep jacking off. Wanna be embarrassed in front of girls when your dick doesn't work, or you blow your load in 10 seconds, or you can't cum? Keep jacking off to porn; what a great fucking feeling, huh? Solidify those neural pathways and never heal; keep jackin' off! Sounds like fun, huh? Yeah, this is fun, sitting in a room lit only by the light of a computer screen while you beat it 'til it's raw. Fucking awesome! Fuck porn, fuck addiction and fuck being too weak to change. We were born with Free Will.....use it. Fucking use it.
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    True words thx man
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