Reboot taking way to long to cure ed

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  1. I’ve had a few orgasms during my reboot but still haven’t cured pied. Is hardmode the only way to cure PIED???
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    How long have you been rebooting? It can take up to 2 or even 3 years in the worst cases dude.
  3. Source please? From what I’ve seen most recover within a year at most. Most of the people that took more than a year were relapsing along the way or never did a hard mode streak. Dude’s already depressed no need to freak him out like that. This sort of thing is what used to make me relapse because I would get scared and desperate.
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    What you can do ? go to the gym, get fit, loose some fat, gain some muscles, eat and sleep healthy , NoFap no porn ?
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  5. Just be patient. Continue on this journey and your PIED will be cured.
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    Brotha my PIED was horrible. I couldn't get an erection at all when I was with a girl. Fast forward I tried nofap hardmode and just 20 days in my PIED was cured and if you know my story, I've been masturbating since the age of 14. I am now 18. Don't give up and try hard mode and be really strict on yourself. I stopped counting my days after I was cured but I am still going. Best of luck!
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  7. Thank you
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    Now what are your sources?
  9. Yes in my opinion it is the only way ... I have been ed for 4 years. I am in a relationship and there is no improvement, I just eliminated masturbation and porn. I got to be 100% sure that porn is not the cause of ed orgasm is the key.
    Porn is just the reason for exces masturbation and the huge number of orgasms that naturally would not occur and desensibilized yor brain.
    Every time you orgasmed .. regardless sex or masturbation with or without the help of porn, your sexual energy decreases. Read hundreds of threads on this site about how many after months of rebooting have regained their sexual powers and after just a few orgasms ....flatline again with ed..
    Believe me ... I spoke a tantra teacher ... she helped hundreds of men with ed problems ... she said the same thing ... she doesn't even know why something in the brain probably happens during orgasm that pure and simply blocks the connection between the brain and the dick. This is also the reason for the lack of morning wood, and the lack of spontaneous erections ... the lack of libido ... the libido happens as a result of the spontaneous reactions of your dick respons of yor brain spontaneus stimuls. Let no one tell me that the whole day is thinking of porn ... And dick is dead without senses without life in the majority of cases of pied.
    The only chance is without porn (most often the reason for masturbation) without masturbation (after masturbation follows the orgasm) and without orgasm a period I say minim 6 months, after which you can have max orgasms 1 per week. After 1-2 years you can even more but with great care ... read carefully the articles on the site and you will see many cases when after several orgasms have arrived with ed again.

    Believe me is the only chance ... if you do not have a girlfriend you are lucky ... it can not help you with anything ... the feelings and erections come back with the restoration of the connection between your dick and your brain.
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