Reboot with self hypnosis You will boost the reboot challenge by 10x

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    According to me rebooting means abstaining from porn ,masturbation and orgasm by making the change of your habit..
    Am i right it this NoFap?

    Let me explain about hypnosis..
    Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.When you try to achieve the hypnotic state by yourself this is called self hypnosis..

    Now let me explain when you give a suggestion when you are conscious why it is not working?
    The answer to this question is that the conscious mind is logical and reasoning based..Suppose you are a porn addict and you say in conscious state that "My life is free from porn". According to your conscious mind the suggestion "My life is free free from porn" is false and it reject this suggestion immediately.So giving the suggestion in conscious state will not work.Conscious mind acts as the filter to your subconscious mind.
    In hypnosis your conscious mind is fully asleep but your subconscious mind is fully open.When you give the suggestion to your subconscious mind and feel it then this suggestion will turn in to reality after some days(may be after a week or two or 21 days,you may feel the change).Most probably you will feel the change after 21 days because the suggestion will have to penetrate 7 layers of you brain to enter the deep subconscious mind.Time required to cross a single layer is 3 days..

    In hypnosis When your subconscious mind is open,you can program it.In this state you the master of your mind.You can remove the porn/masturbation thoughts,experience,memories and images from your subconscious mind.You can even give as many suggestion you want.

    First when you use NoFap with hypnosis.. get rids of you triggers that cause you to watch porn or masturbate..

    Some that the suggestion i want to share with you are:
    1.I am free of porn and masturbation.
    2.The damages that caused to me by porn and masturbation are healing.
    3.My confidence is increasing day by day.
    4.My penis is healthy and functioning normally.
    5.I am free of porn induced erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation..
    Note:You must give only positive suggestion to your subconscious mind.and repeat the suggestion at least time times..

    If you want to know how to do self hypnosis please comment..I will create a new thread of it.. and I will try to give full knowledge about it..I will be including more suggestions..

    My Experience:
    At first I was highly porn and masturbation addict person.I had been addict since 2012.I
    am watching porn and masturbating daily since 2012.I do prone masturbation(rubbing penis on bed) and sometimes i jack off with my hand normally..At may 2017 i tried rebooting i had relapse on 6th day.. But i continued to watch porn and masturbate till 11-Octobor-2017.On the 6 days difference i had neither watch porn or masturbate.I had started NoFap with self hypnosis in 17-October-2017.Now I am in 12 days of NoFap with Hypnosis..And i am feeling happy,confident and energetics..The urges of porn and masturbation is going away from my life..And i am becoming porn and masturbation free person..Also my memory is getting better day by day..So i feel that using rebooting with self hypnosis you will boost the reboot challenge by 10x or more.

    Link to the thread:
    How to do self hypnosis in order to boost your reboot?

    Thank you..
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  2. Interesting... so are you claiming that hypnosis can induce a subconscious placebo effect? That'd be pretty interesting actually. Do you have any research to back the hypnotic process?
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    There is no drugs or medicines involved entering the hypnotic state..There are ceration sets of instructions or command that you have to say to yourself in your mind and feel it happening by doing this you will be drifted into the hypnotic state.Entering into the hypnotic state is done naturally..While you are in hypnotic state you will able to hear what is happening outside..but this will never interfere your self hypnosis session...

    Actually I am a student and practitioner of hypnosis..I am trying to do research on hypnosis.. In my self hypnotic session i command to my subconscious mind that my weight of body increased by 5000 kg.. I actually feel that the weight of my body is above 5000 kg..
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    Thank you very much..
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    I going to try selfhypnosis I have a friend wich learnt to
    I have a friend wich learnt to hypnotize people. I saw him giving orders to people and they just obey. Even he ordered to another friend to see me like a monster. when my friend snapped with his finger, my another friend saw me and began to cry and shout !
    It’s worth to try it.

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