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    Hi guys I am so pleased to have joined this community and want to thank you all for your presence on here.

    I am coming up to celebrating 2 years off masturbation and I am so so grateful for that evolution within myself. I achieved this through the help of a 12 step program.

    I have been experimenting with 'healthy masturbation' recently and am finding myself becoming addicted to it and old thoughts of an ex girlfriend creeping in, arousing me and makin gme want to masturbate for a release. I also am noticing the urge to look at atttrative women and objectify their body parts.

    I know that total abstinance is the only way for me. I also know that I need spiritual help and I would love the support of you guys here on this forum.

    My life is definetlely better WITHOUT masturbation FULL STOP. I have gone without now for 7 days and want another 90 day reboot. I am finding it difficult at present and am being urged to masturbate. I need to be strong. I want to reaxh my full potential as a human being and i know that I wasn't made to masturbate but to create.....masturbating saps my creative energy and makes me cranky and grumpy. I am better without it. At times it feels so so difficult. Please God, remove this addiction from me.
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    Hey there, I'm on day 31 for my 90 meeting in 90 days. I'm a little familiar with the steps. Good to hear your motivation!
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