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    Making the concious effort to become involved in this forum again. My life has drastically changed recently with my new son, house, and job...recently my wife expressed how she felt about me using porn which i rarely have time for but still do when i can.. A while back she was visiting her mom and i binged pretty hard. I dont want to make her sad and i dont want to waste my own time mindlessly staring at images and videos of strangers. I dont want the fear of forgetting to clear my browser history before my wife borrows my phone for something. I already got rid of my own laptop to reduce porns avalibility now its just my phone yet somehow i still havent fixed this flaw. I want to be the best man that i can for my family and to me in part that means no porn at all. I want to be the man my subconcious aproves of so i can have peace inside. My life is busy now so im not tempted often but i need to borrow strength from you all in those moments where i could fail. Starting with a modest goal of minimum 10 days maximum forever

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