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    Im on a 5 month streak, and I stopped craving pmo at 3 months to the point where I didn't even fantasize or anything.. Anyways i started to wonder why I didn't experience any benefits at any point.. So I just got diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive type only.. With adhd u can't use ur dopamine efficiently.. I put so much work into become rebooted.. I even told myself "suffer" to motivate myself to resist an urge at bedtime many times.. Being rebooted for me is equivalent to being a sex addict still.. I don't feel that surge of dopamine to pump myself up when I'm playing tennis, I don't see the reward in winning a point,and this isn't a matter of Im not competitive. I hate losing to my core but I can't win without the dopamine rush. I don't see the reward in listening to what people say.. The reason people listen to each other is because they are getting some dopamine.. I should accept my reality, rather than asking why me? But I can't accept it, because I see an extremely outgoing, smart, good looking, confident guy without this problem.. And the fact that I only have this life to live kills me inside.. Being rebooted turned into suicidal thoughts, so ironic.. I'm really hesitant to even try medication cuz I don't want to be high, I just want to be myself.. My only hope is neuro feedback therapy which in some rare has cured adhd, but most often it just relieved symptoms.. It's really expensive but my parents can afford it.. It's considered controversial because it's not an exact science but the research has lots of evidence.. For me to say that it helped, I would atleast have to see for example, a little competitive spirit that comes out enough for my oppenent to see, if this happens, the results transcends into every other aspect.. I'll update this post after the sessions to let u guys know how it went, I'll prob be back in six months..
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    Sorry you are out for so ling, but glad youare getting treatment. Many people try automedicating with common stimulants like caffine and energy drinks. Medications typically calm you down so that you can function more normally. Hope your therapy gives great resultd

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