Rebooting: Abstaining From Social Media

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Does social media give you sexual thoughts?

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  1. Derek5150

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    It is my 36th day, and it is tough because of the over-saturation of sexual stimulation on social media market. There was a time on social media when it represented more than an idea to sell. Rather, it was a platform for a social diary to stay in touch with others, or, to connect with new people as well. These days, it feels like the only way to get some attention on social media is to advertise ones body-parts, which is extremely sad at times. Especially for these poor young girls that probably attract many creeps in their life, wondering why men are consistently sending pictures their pickle to them. They simply attract what they're trying to sell.

    Upon recognizing this, one of the wisest sacrifices that I decided was to stay away from social media. I'm an avid reader, so I enjoy reading about what people are up to all the time. Social media was once a way of connecting to others. Instagram had it's moment of sharing every social interaction on a media platform before it became into a sales platform for aspiring models and personal trainers. I deactivated my account on Tumblr many years ago, realizing that there was porn on every search that I made. The nudity might not be there, but the constant algorithms on the explorer page illustrated a new version of Maxim magazine through an app. I was a fitness enthusiast as well, and there was a time when having abs were everything. Now, it's all about having a big butt for both, men and women.

    As a man, I love that particular body part on the opposite sex because it reminds me of a pillow and the fact that it's soft. It gives me ideas that are not so innocent at times... But it doesn't help when there are so many attractive women on the popular platform constantly advertising their ass out there. This also made me realize something about pornography and cinematography. The majority of what we see is based on angles, and nothing else.

    I've met people who were crowned as Instagram famous, and they look nothing like the 2D photos that we see. The majority of these people were small and frail looking in real life. Some of the more bulkier famous people were able to hide their insecurities through selected angles. In real life, I saw everything and it made me realize quite a bit.

    Ultimately, I wanted to share that staying away from social media has helped me within these 36 days from thinking about sexual thoughts, PMO and any kind of destructive sexual behavior. I am choosing to stay away from social media because I felt like a different person 36 days ago. I felt like that perverted father on the new 'It' movie that came out, starring 6 young boys, 1 girl and a clown that represented fear and insecurity. The 1 girl of the group came from a rough upbringing, the film insinuated that she was sexually abused by her father. Every time that he laid eyes on his daughter, his face resembled between a morphing zombie to a thirsty vampire. I no longer want to stare a woman that way like I have drooled over the computer screen over a naked woman that I've never even met, or, had a conversation with. Social media was not helping me reboot and it almost makes me want to relapse every single time for an 'O' that I probably won't remember since I've done it many times within my life time. Every time that I spent alone time with a female friend, the only thing I could think of is how to seduce her. That was the right mindset to have, either, because we have to learn to interact with the opposite sex through our eyes, personality and really understanding the opposite sex. Not everything has to be sex driven.

    Thanks for reading this venting post
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  2. TheLoneDanger

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    It makes me feel lucky that I’m a generation ahead of the stuff you’re talking about. I’ve only been on one social media platform, Facebook, and the people on my “friend” feed are around the same age. So I don’t see a lot of people looking like clowns posing in the most “sexy” way they can. Don’t get me wrong, my generation (generation X) is not without it’s fair share of narcissists and their selfie game is out of control. I have to stay away from social media as it is.

    But I’ve noticed how different it is when I would go to the page of a younger kid I knew from growing up, a younger relative, or the kids of a friend. How so many of them feel it almost obligatory to include a shirtless pic if they’re a male or the duckface look if they’re a female. Not to mention the mirror selfie to flex/stick out their parts as if this is the true measure of their self worth. There is no better proof that society is warping the minds of every new generation to come.

    My advice is to stay away from social media, or at the very least, keep your feed down to your closest and most respectable friends and colleagues. Go out and experience life firsthand. Be the “weird guy” who socializes by, you know, actually meeting and talking to people face-to-face. Maybe at first you’ll feel left out of the social media circle, but I guarantee you’ll be healthier in mind, body, and spirit.
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  3. Derek5150

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    I had to hear this, and going along with what you're saying: one of the things that strike me the most about this generation is the fact that they feel awkward by doing activities alone. I have female friends that are afraid to fill up their gas alone, male friends that think it's weird to dine-in alone, both genders of friends that think it's weird to watch a movie alone and that way of thinking makes me feel "alone."

    I have friends that are older than myself and they tell me that it's never strange or awkward to do activities alone. I like going out and doing activities alone because I get annoyed of waiting for other people to get ready. Especially in social groups, there are always a few that are always late with their excuses. To make matters worse, there are always those who are so picky about everything. After a while, i realize how I can never relate to not being punctual so now I'm back in my comfort zone. I enjoy having the opportunity to socialize. Even if it makes me, "weird."

    Social media is great that it allows people to have a voice. But the problem is: everyone has a voice now. Too many critics and not enough credentials. There are a lot aspiring entrepreneurs who brand themselves as trainers, brand ambassadors, and style consultants. Fancy accolades with weakened certificates is all I see.

    It disappoints me. Say if you were looking to get in shape through an online personal trainer/expert/selfie-guru and all-of-a-sudden, you listen to one of these so-called experts who don't understand your medical history, you can be prone to some of the most compromising injuries that will leave you disabled and not ready to work, considering that some people have a full-time job with families to support. That was just one example, however, I see too many that disappoint me. These girls that promote their way of wearing make-up, but it has butt pictures plastered all over their profile. Selling make-up, or, ass now? That's what I'm thinking.

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