Rebooting PIED

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    Hi guys. I’m since 6 years (I’m now 24) suffering from PIED. Since 22th of February this year, I stoped with PMO. I really don’t have any problems with stopping it, the only hard thing is that I went on Tinder for example for 5 days which was 1 week ago. Then deleted it. Downloaden it again for 2 days. Again deleted it. I have every morning good Morning wood, but I don’t really get random erections during the day.

    Another thing I really wanted to ask is:

    As I stopped being active on social media, don’t watch porn, don’t M and don’t O, I get often a boner by just texting with the girl I’m gonna be serious with when I get back from holiday. Even if het messages aren’t sexual I get quite often a boner. Is that a set back? I literally stopped with everything since the end of februari, I’ve been only just a little active on Tinder and Instagram last month and that’s it. 3 weeks ago I met a girl and at the end of our walk we were hugging and kissing and I got a 75% boner, to come to this point took me 3/5 minutes of kissing. Does anyone has some advice for where I stand now? And are those messaging I send to my future girlfriend blocking my reboot?

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