Rebooting Process (Perspective)

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    Halo guys, this is my perspective on the rebooting process. On why sometimes we feel worse (flatline and withdrawal symptoms such as brain fog, tired, depression, etc) before we feel really good and get the super power benefits from NoFap.

    Think of your brain like a road and your mind like a car. If the road is good and smooth. Cars will be able to pass through it smoothly. And the driver can choose to go slow or fast on the road and enjoy the journey very well with ease and calm.

    But if the road is bad, poor, uneven, holey, broken, etc. The cars, will not be able to go through it smoothly and will experience traffic jam. Thus the driver will easily be angry, unease, irritated, worried etc.

    So if you want the car to pass the road smoothly, calm, at ease and be able enjoy it. You got to "repair the road". And then what happens when the road is under repair? The cars that want to pass it will be "more hard and difficult". Because there will be worker and machines in the road for some time thus causing more traffic jam which lead to more anger, frustration and irritable.

    But then "after" the road is fully repair, or your brain is fully reboot. That's when the cars or your mind will now be able to pass it smoothly, easily, calmly and enjoy the road. Enjoy the life in our case. Because the brain is fully rebooted. :)
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    I like this explanation. Thank you.

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