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  1. sadhu

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    Guys, I was having some pain in the lower abdomen and recently my right testicle is pretty loose compared to left. I was worried about losing it from testicular torsion but I read about those who've had it and they said it causes extreme pain, nausea and vomiting but it was not present in my case so I've chilled out!

    However, my doctor has prescribed me digestion medicines and asked to get a blood, urine test done and ultrasonic imaging of pelvic area.

    I wanted to ask you guys whether you experienced some similar sensations (according to my masturbation frequency, I have alternating changes in one of my balls and lower abdomen). Since last 40 days I've masturbated just thrice but intend to take it to 15 days per ejaculation (no edging, it really ruined my body, I think). Please share your experiences!
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  2. Flyhigh

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    I think it's blue balls.
  3. Steve Sancteria

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    maybe something else tho, I had blue balls once for 4 or 5 days and it´s been not that painfull that I had to call a doctor but it might differ person to person.

    Getting checked and all stuff is certainly the way to go in this case.
  4. sadhu

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    I saw some posts that edging and masturbation can lead to epididymitis but not cancer. I also expect from the symptoms that it maybe an inflammation but the same symptoms are present for testicular cancer. But the good part is testicular cancer is rare in India and on top of that I'm a vegetarian and I'm a virgin, so the odds are extremely low.

    I tell you, tomorrow I'm having an ultrasound imaging and once I'll be healthy again I'm gonna go straight to the sperm bank and have my sperm stored! I'm feeling frightened. Except edging and excessive masturbation I haven't performed any other things which can cause considerable problem. If diagnosed correctly, I'll be damn grateful!

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