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Rebooting triggers/ things that worked for me

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by 12&6, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. 12&6

    12&6 Fapstronaut

    As Ive gone on my reboot Ive noticed things for sure physically and wanted to share triggers Ive found that arent just PMO but translate to physical. While Im only in a few weeks and my reasons were for a mix of marathon sex mixed w PMO. Im interested how rebooting has acted as clear all for both. Unplug brothers. Things to stay clear of for me-
    HD TVS/ great pixel screens- no joke. Laugh. Your little bastard automatically goes to its use for porn or just banging in general. Thats been weaponized. Steer clear of those rocks and a lot of media mediums, streaming video etc.
    Cell Phones- many are starting to state the affects of the blue screen. To me- at night. Yep. Certain colors even. The adult industry is the top of the top in utilizing tech for a reason. If man could have found a sexual boost from gunpowder back in the day he would have,and some would have set us back a couple hundred as well.Tech and SM are a tool people. The most sucsesfull know and utilize it as such. Its not a life suck or should it be allowed to enslave you. Many Asian countries have for decades already had what is a "reprogramming camp" as bad as it sounds....for teens etc. Forces them to live w/o tech etc get outside run obstacles be social etc. They are the highest connected in the world and should know. Rest assure though- as long as Commander Z at FB and the likes make policy here in the West. Youll probably not see that unless its in their own best intrest. Like a cigarette warning(disclaimer).
    VR anything- dont even open that door. Its like man skipping oceanic exploration and going straight to the moon. Not pretty.
    The Internet- as funny as it sounds, unplug. I limit myself. I was raised a bit different so its not so hard but theres a very real addiction to tech in a sense. Itll stop you from working etc.
    Ive heard some mention even physical locations etc. Seems to be wherever your brain relates sexual experiences or feelings. I cleaned the slate. Changed everything. Lifestyle again,habits,functions ,tools to use.
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  2. CyKage2652

    CyKage2652 Fapstronaut

    these are not triggers. These are essentials of life. If we abandon these , then we might as well stop breathing because breathing causes life and life brings triggers :v
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  3. 12&6

    12&6 Fapstronaut

    Lol very true in the sense we pay bills ,get directions etc what I meant was in general. Giving oneself peramiters.

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