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    Wassup guys.... been feeling so low for a while and this week i thought i can start a new streak of nofap hard mode till the end of this month of April... but am falling so bad, i have urges and alot of brain fog.... plus plenty stress from my sales job.... which i feel like quitting but then i need to survive. I work in a results oriented environment whereby if i dont achieve a days target, I'll be sang at with all the wildest of insults and all type of things that could break a person's spirits.... i also get kinda critical of myself and feel down everyday. Added to that, i suffer from mass OCD and anxiety.... I've tried to do ERP but i get the worst of thoughts that make me feel like i could die if i dont get control over what i am scared of could happen.

    I feel down, i feel tired, i feel scared and anxious about the worst happening to me every single day of my life... i dont know if there's a solid connection but there's a serious storm within me and whenever i face the issues I've highlighted above, i go into the weekend and have the worst possible relapse ever. I basically come into the week like a zombie.

    Help people, how do i handle this work stress, OCD and all these challenges i'm gong through while trying to kill the habit of PMO... because of late it's become my go to whenever I'm down and i relapse.

    Someone told me i need to slow my life down abit but i nees help guys... on how to handle this, on how to come out of this month PMO and anxiety free coz i feel tired.....
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    If you can, I'd recommend getting a new job that isn't so stressful. That sounds like a very unhealthy environment. And the connection between our behaviours and our environment is very strong.

    Getting out of there will also reduce your anxiety and probably your OCD too, as you won't be in such a perfectionist environment.

    For the time being though, start practicing meditation. Do physical exercise to work that stress out of your body. Start eating healthier (eat more fruit & vegetables, drink more water as a start)

    Make small changes every day and your life will begin to improve.
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