Rebooting with my guitar

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Day Sunshine, May 20, 2020.

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    I did not watch the video, but the guitar is part of the reason I'm new here. I've been a closet guitar player for about 23 years and can't stay focused enough to practice lessons. I always wind up getting bored and just jamming out, then that only last so long then I'm back to rubbing one out. I'm on about a nine day streak of doing great with no pm, but I am married and had sex with wife twice since I've started this and that has helped a lot, without her I don't think I could do this. It is still a struggle because I do enjoy watching p, but I know I'm better than that and want to get better at the things I enjoy in life and have a more fulfilling sexual relationship with my wife and better myself. This is my first time trying this and realize that after being on this site that I'm thankful that P has not got ahold of me as much as some individuals on here. I have had some rough years, always looking for that dopamine rush, been thinking about adding fitness back into my life, but that also got my blood pumping and made me more horny. I also quit drinking at the same time, at least stop drinking alone, that's what really brings me down. I will watch the video when I get a chance. Thanks for posting

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