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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by D'angelo Fernandez, May 26, 2018.

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    Im a junior in high school just about to be a senior in a few months. When i first started my junior year it was sort of my "priority" to get a girlfriend or get better at talking to girls. At the beginning of the year i was very shy with girls, before junior year i only went on date once in my life and i was pretty awkward when it came to talking to girls. Over time by putting myself out there i gained a lot of confidence in talking to women. By the end of the year i had 3 dates with 3 different girls. I got better at just having a conversation and got better at flirting. Only it never seemed to workout with any of the girls i talked to. I came to the realization that finding romantic interest in girls was EXTREMELY difficult. I was open to the fact of being in a relationship with the girls i talked to but, they never seemed to return the feeling. Thats just how girls are at this age and ive become accustomed to it at this point, only ive lost alot of interest in talking to women seriously. I still look at women in the same attraction, only i just don't care enough to approach them or talk to them. Sometimes i think theres something wrong with me, but other times i think i just need a break from all the drama girls seem to bring. At this point all im doing is going to the gym, working, and concentrating on school. And it honestly feels amazing no giving a fuck.Has anyone experienced this in there life were they just decided they didn't care enough to take a girl seriously? And how long does it last?
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    first , you must aproach the women without interest romantic ,just for talk before you will find girl cool to you.
  3. Dude!! Zero Fucks Given!!
    That's the spirit Bro. As an little bit older guy than you, I must say that concentrating on school, work and gym at your age is going to pay big time later in your life. You have all the time to get all the girls you want. Having a great high paying job and a great body doesn't make you any less desirable in the eyes of a woman.
    Au contraire, my young padawan... Au contraire...

    In my opinion you should be concentrating of making yourself absolutely best version of yourself, and let girls chase you. You know... Turn tables around. Stop chasing them and let them chase You. And when you have a scholar degree (is that even a correct term), great job, dream body and your shit together, they will chase YOU, believe you me, and the quality of women that's chasing you... Man... You wouldn't believe...

    Having sex is not that big of a deal and no one should put it on a pedestal. It's not a badge of honor or measurement of your manliness. Actually it has nothing to do with your manliness. Concentrate on yourself, school, work, gym, hobbies and making friends. Be the absolute best you can possibly be, and you'll better off.
    And remember... No one will ask in a job interview how many ladies you have slept with ;)
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    it doesn't matter man, just concentrate on your stuff and let the girl approach you man, and that romantic feeling, it will come, just be patient, I for some reason met a girl this school year and man, I feel the vibe and stuff and lost all interest in other girls, and that's my situation, now I will tho ask her out,

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