Recently my Brain has been trying to Con me.

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  1. So, I've gone about 38 days without PMO on hardmode. During that time I've had periods where I've noticed that women were attracted to me and I felt full of sexual energy. Now on day 38, I have horrible body dysmorphic disorders. I keep telling myself I'm short, ugly, not attractive at all. Everytime something bad happens, I blame my appearance and for some strange reason, I'm being tugged by P because I won't be getting any action soon, might as well PMO.

    Will I regain that confidence again? Is this just a flatline? What do I do and is this temporary?
  2. Hi Don,

    First off congrats on 38 days! Awesome achievement man. Secondly, I think it's awesome that you're noticing your triggers and how your brain is employing them in order to get its dopamine fix. The great thing here is you know these thoughts and feelings are a way your brain is trying to "con" you, so since you already know this, you can dismiss these thoughts as being useless and untrue. Plus there are 7 billion people living on this awesome planet of ours. The idea that you are unattractive to everyone is irrational and unrealistic. Lastly, while negative thoughts come and go, we must never let them become words. Words have a creative power, so when you speak these thoughts to yourself you give them power to work in your life. Next time when you have these thoughts combat them by using uplifting words! The great thing about confidence is it never leaves or comes without our permission. You've always had the ability to be confident and exercise this confidence in your life.
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  3. Yes, right now I'm entering a huge war with my old ego. It's like multiple personalities are competing for control. My old ego is making a last stand. How long is it before this will pass?
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  4. Unfortunately I don't believe there is a standard amount of time, Don. We are all unique, so our recovery times will likewise be unique. Instead of looking for a time to be free of this process, practice resignation. Once you resign yourself you gain strength to really endure trials since you're no longer looking for an escape. It's my opinion that the war with ones ego is completed once we are 6ft under. ;)
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    Hlo .their can be many reason.but as the guy above said,change the thoughts from negative to positive.your brain forms patterns.let be latterns be positive.your life will also change as you become are ths creater.think positive and see how things around you change.
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    no u suck
  7. I know exactly how you feel. When my appearance is good, I feel confident. When it isn't, I feel terrible.
    Don't even consider relapsing. These are temporary phases of depression. The weapon against these in my opinion is exercise because you will feel good afterwards.
    Also, figure exactly what about your appearance is bugging you. If you can, fix it. If you can't, accept it and love yourself.
    I'm really glad you asked this. I think many other people have this question but just don't know how to ask it.
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    Awesome to making it past 30 days that's terrific!! Just keep strong and concentrate on who you are and less on what you look like :cool:
  9. I took this completely out of context, not knowing what this post was about.

    That was savage asf.
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  10. wait a minute this was my post. Fuck off lol
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