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  1. Mark

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    This is worth a try so here goes.

    How about sharing information about books that have inspired people using this forum?

    Keeping the information as relevant as possible will keep it from becoming too 'off-topic' so worth bearing in mind?

    I'm going to suggest the following format (with an example for good measure)?

    Title: Changing for Good
    Author: James O Prochaska
    Relevance: Will really help people make lasting changes in their lives. Especially helpful for all manner of addictions. Author studied thousands of self-helpers and recognized common 'stages' which need to be passed through to maximize success. These stages have been detailed in this book and with diligence and willingness to change are VERY effective indeed.
  2. aron

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    I started reading it, and all I can say that I barely let it go off my hands so I can write this comment. It's hands down one of the most insightful books on behavioral change. It makes a good synthesis of all of the over 400 methods of psychotherapy systems available, and extracts the relevant information from each to determine the patterns, called process change, of what actually causes the change in humans.

    PS: I would recommend creating a top level topic in the forum called "Recommended materials". I have also posted a couple of books and documentaries that could be useful. It would be better if all the references were posted in a separate topic. What do you think?
  3. Mark

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    Hey I think that's a great suggestion but I'm just a forum user and fairly new to this kind of thing so not sure how they are run etc? Isnt there somebody called Alexander who runs/started this (Thank you Alexander!!)??

    I guess it would need some kind of regulation to ensure it didn't go too off-topic?? I don't know though?

    And I'm so happy to hear somebody is benefitting from that book!! Its just such a genuine labour of love written by a guy who really cares about what he's doing! Its a real life changer for sure! :)
  4. You_Can_Do_lt

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    I'm going to take a look into that book based on your recommendations! So, first and foremost, thanks!

    I haven't gotten into any self-help or psych books, but the most life-changing book I've read was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Great read about the journey of life, the importance of being in the moment.
  5. Mark

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    Good call mate! The Alchemist is a beautiful book.

    Have you tried Veronica Decides to Die by same author. Is absolutely sublime! Really great for anyone feeling down and is probably the most life affirming piece of wonderfulness ive ever read (ahem!) Can't recommended that enough. :)
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