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    I am now 26 years old. I went to rehab for porn and sex addiction when I was 23 years old. There and in 12 steps I got to know so many people who also have that problem. In rehab I was also in group therapy with drug, alcohol and gambling addicts.

    I was the youngest of them all. Most of the sex addicts there only had porn addiction, some went to prostitutes and some had cheated. I then had the feeling that I did not belong there and thought I was a failure, because I was the youngest and have already seen and experienced everything in sex: porn, prostitutes, swinger clubs and sex parties. I had gone the farthest from them all. I never had a relationship because of my addiction at the time. But I'm sure all those things will come my way, as long as I stay free from PMO.

    The people there in rehab and 12 steps then told me often that they would have liked to go to rehab just at my age. They found it special that I had taken the step for recovery at a young age. I didn't see it that way at the time. Many were aged between 40 and 60. Lately I've also been reading porn addict stories here and in some books. There are many who are 40,50,60 years old. No disrespect towards them, I have huge respect for them that they want to break free of the PMO cycle. But, it makes me realize that most of the men of that age who have struggled with porn addiction, have wasted their life energy, lived numb, have not even had real intimate relationship, bad sex etc. for almost their whole life. How fucked up is that?

    Then I suddenly asked myself; What would my life look like when I am 40 years old? That's in 14 years. What would it be like if I had been free from PMO for 14 years? Wow man, what kind of life will I lead then? My brain will be then already recovered, the flashbacks are gone, I relate better with women, I will have an intimate relationship etc. I only have to stay clean for today and repeat it every day. Freedom is one day at a time. Dont count the days, let the days count.

    I even saw post of boys that are 13-14 years old that already stop using PMO. I am very proud of you boys that you see that on a very young age. You have a beautiful life in front of you and will have an amazing life with self-respect, dignity and self-love.

    When I look back now, I am glad that I already had experienced everything at a young age. I've also had sex with a few pornstars and know that it is very different in real life. It's not as great as it seems in the videos. Most porn stars are under the influence of drugs and it's not great sex at all. When the thoughts come or the urge in PMO, I can more easily stay away from it. Because I have already looked and had everything in real life and the fun is long gone. I lost interest in porn. Porn is so fake and boring. I don’t want to have sex with my computer/smartphone.

    I have left the 12-steps for a year now, because I don’t believe in powerlessness. I believe that I have the power to choose between staying free of PMO or to watch porn. It is my responsibility to stay clean. People there use powerlessness as an excuse or to feel sorry for themselves, like “I couldn’t do anything about it, I was powerless”. I don’t feel sorry for myself. Recovery is very painful, very hard, but not impossible. If it were easy, everybody would do it.

    So you have enough time. Don't say it's late. It is never late to change.
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    Congratulations man, hope u get the life you've always dreamed of, btw how long did it take u to quit? I'm 14 and I'm on day 115, I get some urges, but they're small, and sometimes I almost relapsed, so please tell me, and thank you!
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    Quiting is a choice. I quited when I went to rehab.
    Good job man that you do it at your age. I am very proud of you.
    Relapse is a choice.
    See my other post to see how I do it:

    I wish you the best on your journey.
    Have a great porn-free day.
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  4. Great work!! I think it is important to point out (as you did) that the idea of powerlessness can easily lead to excuses. Recovery is all about taking responsibility for dealing with the addiction. No one else will solve your problems for you. I'll check out your other posts.
  5. My understanding is that the powerlessness(they talk about) is of the Ego & the power one has over life(you were talking about) was of the Self.
    Yeah, it is misleading if not defined correctly. What do you say?
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