Recovering from an injury

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by FormerFapaholic, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    I've worked so hard to get fit and healthy and maintain, But until this week, I had an accident and suffering a bad injury.

    I had a very hard fall and slipped onto my butt on a very rough gravel surface. So much to the point it ripped my skin, my shorts were covered in blood, and I needed stitches and a bandage on my butt cheek. I spent a night in hospital waiting and getting treatment for deep grazes on my butt.

    As advised by the doctor, I need some much needed rest. I asked how long I can rest before getting back to working out. They said roughly a month.

    I love and enjoy working out. But I'm scared of losing the progress of keeping fit and healthy. A month without doing seems like torture.

    Anyone reading, has anyone suffered with injuries? Did you become unfit over a period of time resting to recover and heal from an injury?
  2. no worries.
    you will have muscle memory.
    you can get back in 2-3 weeks if the injury is healed.
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    How frustrating. It's time to work on something else for a month - use the time to meditate, read, learn an instrument, 2nd language ... don't neglect the rest that your body needs to heal, and don't be tempted to work out sooner than you are ready too - and take it VERY easy once you start working out again. A bit of patience will speed up the healing process in the long run...
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