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Recovering with presence

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Wancawi, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. Wancawi

    Wancawi Fapstronaut

    I see on this forum loads of people counting the days and waiting for the WDs or PAWS to pass. This is a trap IMO, I been through a long process of drug addiction recovery trying all kinds of ways, I learned a thing or two. You hear about this person taking this long to recover, but you're not hearing all the details like what was that person doing during their recovery process. Someone who eats healthy for example will recover better than someone who addictively eats fast food and all kinds of crap during their recovery process. And there may be some aspects of the illness that will only heal when the diet is addressed.

    I went into a drug treatment center once and I was so severely bad they nearly didn't let me in because they thought I might die during the first few days (they admitted this two weeks in). I was probably the most severe case in there but somehow I recovered really fast and deep. I watched the recovery processes of others in there and could see lots of the things that were holding people back. The ones who struggled the most and thought they weren't making progress were the ones counting down the days and resisting the process.

    The key I found is this, practicing embracing every moment, every "negative" situation that you'd be habitually resisting you start to like it. Depression gets transformed, your pain becomes your best friend and gets transformed into a source of energy, inspiration, motivation, love, everything. Eckhart Tolles books are the best guide I've come across for this. Meditation teaches you how to embrace and go with the flow.

    When you accept that you might be completely fucked and never gonna heal and just come to peace with where you're at to the point that you love your illness and you no longer need to fix it, paradoxically the illness starts to lift in all kinds of ways you'd never expect. It's a spiritual practice. All the healthy activities and habits start to become natural, you want to do these things when you're embracing everything, you stop looking for the easy ways, you gravitate to what actually helps you and heals you. The sun starts to shine on you.

    If you had been really ill, you see the energetic momentum behind the lifestyle that goes with the illness. It wants to pull you back into the darkness. When you embrace that completely, its like weight gets lifted from it and you can rise out of the darkness more naturally.

    The commitment to being on this path of light for the rest of your life and do whatever it takes, this is key IME. The intent will propel you through the obstacles along the way.

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