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    Some of the stuff seemed interesting at first. When I got to a video of a guy saying to do the old pump and dump with desperate women I had to back away. I can understand how these guys can get there. Putting all the blame on women is something I want to avoid. They got hurt so now they want to prance around thinking they are better than women. It's messed up. Makes me angry as that is not at all how I want to be.
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    Red pill is called red pill for a reason - mainly because of the bitterness associated with discovering "the truth." To me it seems MGTOW is a bunch of incels who "swore off women" because the red pill was too bitter for them. I may be wrong, but that seems a little bleak. "Black pill" if you will.

    That said, red pill changed my life for the better. I realized I was on the path to being a low-SMV cubicle-dwelling wage-slave working 40 hours + a week until I die - all to finance a house, wife and kids (who would probably end up resenting me lol). I'd ultimately feel empty, unaccomplished, and that I never quite got to do "what I want with my life...I just did what society told me to do..."

    I learned what I needed to do to increase my SMV, acknowledge women for what they are (that they are mainly attracted to the most violent, sociopathic kingpin of the tribe), and ultimately, made the decision to bail on society because it's obvi going to shit lol.

    I'm not saying everything is peaches and cream, but I switched job industries. Now I'm in a place where I have the potential to truly make some killer money, not work all that much, and hopefully travel the world. I don't see why I can't partially retire by the time I'm 35 (that is, 4 hour work days, dorking around the globe - I'm 31 btw).

    PUA is a good thing used correctly. Nothing about learning a little bit of game mandates that you must lie to women or use them. It's worth noting a lotta women are up for "adventure sex" meaning they're up for fun and know the score. In fact, a lawda women think this way but would never admit it (especially goes for married women).

    You can use game to create the dating life you want - largely on mutually beneficial terms all without wearing a fuzzy hat. PUA taught me a lot about holding my own as a man. I'm not saying I'm Mr. PUA guru by any means. But hey, at least I don't act like the needy bitch I once was.

    So that's that. Don't let the red pill negativity get to you. Take what's useful. If you're too negative, women will smell it on you and it won't do you any good. I agree the post-wall rants are entertaining and whatnot, but it just doesn't make you attractive. I've been there and it still slips on occasion.

    Best of luck!
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    I was reading this kind of content mostly when I was depressed. The problem with red pill, black pill and MGTOW is that they mix some real uncomfortable truths with lots of lies and copes.

    Acting like bluepilled nice guy won't bring success, but red pillers instead of idealising women - demonise them - awalt is the good example. And I don't want to say that unicorns or women who will like you just for personality are common, no, but there are women who can be trusted in marriage and who will be loyal if they are attracted to you. Red pill reacted to the crisis of marriage and relationships with total rejection of marriage and total rejection of idea that woman can be loyal to men, like truly loyal, not being constantly tricked and manipulated by PUA techniques that are very opposition of building trust. This notion probably came from men who married "ready to settle down" women who "loved to travel and have fun" in their 20ties. Fewer people today care about havings similar goals and values in a relationships. While those communities constanly whine about women being "like that" they refuse to ackonwledge that men also can be disloyal or even that the PUA lifestyle contributes to creation of the very kind of women they despise.

    Also the red pill is in fact full of cope. They generally refuse to acknowledge how much looks matter in dating. While the black pill have a tendency of whining that "it is over" if you are not a chad, they are closer to the truth. It is extremely hard to date up if you are a man, yeah you can luck out, but this is very uncommon. Looks is determining dating pool. Red pillers believe that it can be overcomed with game, but game will help you to have more women than without it, but it won't help you to reach beyond your league. Game is mostly useful for already good looking men to have even more women. And game because of its manipulative nature isn't very helpful in LTRs and marriage because genuine trust is important here. It is common to believe that only qualities women care about are those men can change, which is not true. And there is this idea that there is no wall for men, which is also false and wall for women also works differently in different cases, there are guys with a thing for older women. The idea that men are priming after age of 30 is a cope. It is best age for marriage, but men who is 30 or 40 look worse than guy who is 20 and they are simply less attractive and less effective at picking up.

    So, the red pill reacted to increasing toxicity between the sexes with even more toxicity and despite being about uncomfortable truths preach lots of copes like "just learn the game bro". Sometimes life is harder for you than for people around you and this is not your fault and something you can fully control, but situation when "it is over" are in fact much more rare than hardcore black pillers and icels would admit. Even if you have more thorns than roses many things can be done.
  4. Red Pill is a term from the movie Matrix and is about inconvenient truths not known to the general public. For example the truth that porn damages the brain and masturbation isn't actually healthy. That's a red pill right there.

    With exclusively female upbringing I was completely lost at understanding social dynamics, because my behavior stemmed from female role models and obviously didn't work at all in any context, especially not with women. The early "research" (late 90s, early 2000s) done by experienced men on "game" topics and published in printed books helped a lot. Of course, they also promoted the fornication "player" lifestyle, which never was my cup of tea.

    After deciphering the whole puzzle, the MGTOW philosophy helped me out as an actionable answer. Instead of futile chasing of rigged deals advertised by society, I focused on my personal goals. On that own way I also found God and Nofap. Now in my late 30s. - while approaching peak masculinity - stuff slowly comes together. The work and patience paid off.

    Regarding the critics: There are lot of angry incels attaching various labels to themselves. That doesn't change anything about the usefulness of knowledge and how it helps. Their virgin warrior Internet circle jerk doesn't matter in the end. Then there are people angry about "manipulation". The thing is: Manipulation is omnipresent in our society - in all media for example, advertising or not. Girls manipulate boys starting from kindergarten, it's only a bad thing, when men start doing it in response. ;) The third group is simply angry about the truth of how society actually works and thinks pretending otherwise will actually change social dynamics to become the fairy tale.

    In the end it's just knowledge. The most useful one is relationship game, understanding what leads to cheating and break-ups and how to stay a man in a hostile environment (modern West) to keep your family happy.
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    I dont have the time to read every post on here as there are so many so maybe someone said this already, but it seems like, just like with most things, red pill and MGTOW are only what you make of them. If you use them to better yourself and achieve some sort of contentment, then thats great, as long as you arent hurting anyone whats the issue right? On the other hand, its very easy to fall into a psychological trap where these ideas can become too ingrained, and they affect your ability to think rationally and objectively, hurting you in the long run.

    EDIT: I realise I come across as le enlightened centrist in this post, but hopefully I got my point across.


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