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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by N0thing, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. N0thing

    N0thing Fapstronaut

    I was wondering if reddit or this forum was more active. Also which do you prefer?
  2. N0thing

    N0thing Fapstronaut

    Haha I'm sure both have pros and cons
  3. Alex1111

    Alex1111 Fapstronaut

    Both are good but I prefer the forum over reddit because of the tools and the large range of interaction with other members.
  4. Get_It

    Get_It Fapstronaut

    Reddit is Cancer. They're a bunch of intolerant bigots towards those they don't agree with.
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    I prefer the forums over Reddit simply because of the organisation. Reddit’s default is by an algorithm involving upvotes and the time of submission; that means, by the time something’s 3-4 days old, it becomes nearly impossible to find the threads without searching for them. Reddit’s algorithm is better for things that happen recently, like news, meme posts or updates to something, while it sucks for everything else. Going off topic is also less of an issue in Reddit comments than they are on here.

    The upvote system could be demoralising because the main way something garners views is if it gets upvoted (vs time of last reply here), which can make some success stories buried beneath others.

    Also, while the 6 month archive is good for not bumping 4-year-old threads like I constantly see on here, it’s impossible to have a journal on Reddit due to the aforementioned issue combined with that archival process and the impossibility to create an equally-weighted post within a thread unless you edit the OP.

    There’s too much wrong with Reddit that makes it not personal like the forums do.
  6. Reddit is bad. High-value posts get lost because the author didn't write a clickbaity enough title while memes about relapsing on the first day garner thousands of upvotes.
  7. SuperFan

    SuperFan Fapstronaut

    Reddit is so full of porn subreddits that I can't imagine why anyone struggling with this would be on there. Might as well go to Pornhub and talk about your NoFap journey there, too.
  8. DerSchütze

    DerSchütze Fapstronaut

    Yep, reddit is blocked on all my devices, there may be something of value there but why take the risk?
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  9. Reddit is a porn site with comments. 'nuff said.
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  10. Deepak678

    Deepak678 Fapstronaut

    Never used Reddit, can someone tell what is it... Even this forum thing is new to me, .. can I also make a forum site on some topic ?
  11. This forum is a desert compared to reddit
    You can download the reddit application
  12. Deepak678

    Deepak678 Fapstronaut

    Thanks bro... Will see it. However I am comfortable here on this forum, and its serving the purpose. Do you use reddit more and what addiction are you working on ?...
  13. Yes, although it is boring to always talk about porn addiction
    Both can help you, but I think this forum is better I have a porn addiction like any other here my current streak is 50 days.
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  14. You're right, but not all users have many friends here like you.
  15. Yup i agree. I think even if you post something that would require a discussion, people may disregard it based on it not having enough votes to be seen as top of the list discussion issue.
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  16. Win_for_life

    Win_for_life Fapstronaut

    Cant even remember how many times i have relapsed there, even though i had under 18 and no nsfw checked.
    Forum all the way.
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  17. I'm totally agreeing. Though, i haven't much spend time in the Reddit's nofap department but
    overally i've tried to get myself like the platform – but i just don't get the feeling that it is
    meant for conversations, just more getting fast help or so, for fast things which are going to
    get wiped from surface as fast as asked.
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  18. Poseidon

    Poseidon Fapstronaut

    I’d rather be on the forum for participating in conversations. I’m on reddit but I don’t use it for human interaction. I’ve followed a ton of cool sub-Reddit’s and I just scroll through my feed for stuff to look at, read or videos to watch when I’m bored and need to kill some time.
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  19. Reddit is full of degenerates mostly. So is 4chan, and 8chan all those Backpage websites etc, hey if you wanna learn how to be a troll it's okay I guess, but hopefully you grow up

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