Reduce phone use?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Idontwanthat, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Idontwanthat

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    Hi, as well as struggling with porn I also use/look at my phone WAY too much ( they're tied together tbh) anyone have any tips on cutting down in general? I do need one but want to use it less
  2. Kligor

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    I agree with you buddy less phone using is better.In last time i try to use phone only when i need and rare using in free time for not important things.Youtube can easy trigger me and i avoid youtube just enter and write what i need.
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  3. I understand this all too well. One suggestion is making a list of things (hobbies, to-do's, etc.) that aren't phone related and try to fill your time with those things. As they become more satisfying, the phone use will naturally go down. I know I've had issues where I focus too much on what I shouldn't be doing and not enough on what I should be doing. Good luck bud!
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  4. Janus321

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    Delete youtube, instagram, facebook etc., get yourself wristwatch to check time and watch to set an alarm so you don’t need to check your phone first thing in the morning. (If you using android install yourhour and a decluttered launcher)
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  5. Adding to what Janus321 said, an old fashioned alarm clock is $5 or less.
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  6. I'd recommend getting a flip-phone or any phone that isn't a smart-phone.
    I'd avoided phones like the plague, but I did need to get one so that I could get a job and contact my parents in some cases so I ended up getting a Nokia-3310, and now I have a flip-phone. They're cheap and it's almost impossible to get distracted by them. I don't want to be one of those idiot hipsters that says it makes you better than everyone else for having one, but I'd say it's certainly beneficial having one.
  7. Mike28

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    I decided to set limits for apps that I use often. It's pretty easy to do, at least with an iPhone. It showed the average use per day of each app so I've set an alarm that reminds me whenever I reach that amount. This made me almost cut my phone usage in half without any effort.
  8. rob13_

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    Try shutting it off and putting it in a drawer while you get work done. Trust me, not hearing those notifications reduces the urge to use it a lot.

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