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    Look, I know there is a lot of tips out there, but guys, I believe what I’m about to share with you is legit, it can help you atleast get rid of the P in PMO. DISCLAIMER: This Only Works If You’ve Already(or plan to)Reduced Your Tech Life Down To iPHONE ONLY.
    By an iPhone 6s(they’re cheap now), or obtain any iPhone with iOS 12 operating system. If need be, I believe you can update pretty much any iPhone to iOS 12 operating system. You’ll need it for a feature called Screen Time which is a BUILT-IN restriction feature. Now, find a trust worthy and non-awkward person to safeguard a password, set your new iPhone up with Screen Time so that there is no watching porn. You may have to dink around a bit to get the settings and such how you need it, that’s ok, a little trial and error is typical. Make sure you have some games, necessary apps(not anti-NoFap apps) and whatever you’ll need (that’s not anti-NoFap) before locking in the anti-porn settings. Now watch the P in PMO DISAPPEAR! Well, maybe it’s not that easy. You want to make sure that your safeguard is someone that you can make in-person contact with fairly easily because they will have to put in your password manually for you to make some types of changes to your phone. Instruct your safeguard to set up two passwords, one for Screen Time settings and the other for Start-up/settings. There are two passwords you’ll need them to set up, one is 4 digits, the other is 6. Because of Touch ID you don’t have to know these passwords, yet no one but you can get on your phone other than the safeguard. Ensure that the safeguard writes down they’re password choices and keeps in safe keeping and can find the recorded passwords if they should forget. Then, have them lock down your settings. Now you CANT watch porn but you have everything you need and can even go on like I am right now if you set it as an allowable website. Make sure your honest with your safeguard. Set up what you need DURING THE DAY or when your not urging. And of course, make sure that you don’t know what the password is. Make sure you really set your phone up good so there’s no possible way to go around or pull some trick out of your hat when your surging(that’s when you’ll find the cracks). But trust me, if you set it up correctly, kiss your porn watching days goodbye(unless you do some jail breaking or are crack-savy but it’ll definitely not be as easy that’s for sure). What your really trying to do here is make it hard enough to watch porn that you’ll be more likely to not watch it, that’s it. That’s all a porn blocker can offer but if your serious you might as well take advantage of a few tricks.
    Your probably wondering, why use an iPhone? It’s because it’s harder to go around then other porn blockers IF YOUVE LIMITED YOUR OTHER ACCESS POINTS. You will not be able to go around the iPhone iOS 12 Screen Time system internally without significant effort and help from outside sources. iOS 12’s Screen Time is the best porn blocker yet. The idea is it’s SIMPLY HARDER, however anyone looking for a porn blocker to make it impossible to watch porn, is dreaming. Its always possible, but making it harder can help.
    I’m only two days into a no PMO streak at time of writing, but guess what? I’m 35 days no P. I’m just another lame Fapstronaut, typically going no longer than 10 days at a time no PMO, but thanks to simply setting myself up for SOME success, I’m over a month without porn. That’s right, everyday that passes is one more day that I haven’t watched. Let me tell you what, it hasn’t been that hard. I’m much more liable to just whack it and fall asleep and guess what, that no P streak just keeps on counting up. Now, don’t get me wrong, no P and no PMO are two different beasts, that’s why I’m on here, because no PMO is the legit deal. However, as stated above, I have that extra edge because of a decent no P streak. And let me tell you what, I can feel it. It is like ripping my body in two different directions when i relapse because I no longer get those deep relapse numbing cycles. By body so wants those deep relapses so it can numb out, (sorry body you’ll just have to put up with a few jacks to a mental image and that’s it). Two days no PMO isn’t just two days no PMO anymore, it’s 35 days no P and two days no MO. For the good and the bad. But that’s how this thing works it’s painful.
    99% of people on here have a smart phone or computer which gives them instant access to porn, that’s like trying to quit smoking with a pack of camels duck-taped to your arm. It doesn’t work that way. You gotta atleast learn to throw your cigs away. Make it harder! Anything less is fool hardy for most of us! To each their own, but come on, are you really Michael Jordan? Or are you just an average hooper like the rest of us?
    If you want to see your streaks go up almost everytime, and see steady improvement(can’t speak for that yet but I have a nagging suspicion that no P available=longer streaks) with relative ease, then you gotta make it harder to watch porn. Ideally your only internet access is your iPhone. Do this and it will TuRn YoUr NoFaP GaMe Up!! And your life too!
    Look, I’ve fiddled around on this thing(my iPhone), trying to find a way to go around so I can go watch some porn more than my fair share of times already,(had iPhone for 35 days, yep that’s right, same amount of time as my no P streak) but guess what? NO PORN. Just couldn’t do it! Wasn’t easy enough. Sure I could drive to Walmart and buy some cheap phone at night but it turns out I don’t want P that bad...and most of us don’t. End of story. The urge passes, the day draws to a close and I’m at least one more day no P. However, with no PMO, I’m just another struggling dude with no room to talk, that’s why I’m here on NoFap.
    So, when it comes to this iPhone trick, see it for what it is, a competitive edge if you will. That’s all it is, a tool to help you along.
    I wanted to share this with you guys because I think it’s legit.
    Setting yourself up with iPhone 6s/or any iPhone w/iOS 12 operating system has worked so far for me. But I also have essentially no other way to get to porn within the house. Set yourself up and make the P part of the equation harder.
    Most importantly, keep coming back on here, reach out to help and support from others, give likes, get likes. And find the determination to do what needs to be done to overcome porn and I’ll do the same.
    Some think that Phone-Only recovery is overly-intense. But I would ask those same people to consider if it’s more intense than porn addiction.
    Last but not least, this does not create a prison in the home! It helps you get out of the real prison, which is porn addiction. It also does not replace the desire to recover from the effects of porn addiction or the help and support of other NoFappers and porn addicts. Best Wishes-Ariel
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    I'm sorry, you're "trick" is just ridicouless. Honestly, it sounds more like a troll post than an actual tip.

    • You suggest, that people must throw away every device with internet access. Nowadays, that's literally every tech device. PC's, consoles, TV's, tablets, phones, goddammit even some cars have internet access. You expect people to just throw away hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of tech? Yea, not gonna happen bro.
    • Did it ever cross you mind, that a lot of people need their PC's for work and/or school and/or university?
    • Your "trick" isn't even good. The in-built iPhone restriction is easily bypassed, just like any other blocker or software. Tech is never pornproof. There is always a way around any kind of restriction. Most of them aren't even hard to find, especially when you know what you're doing.
    • Although it's true, that a lot of people relapse, look at the people who didn't. I would argue, that the vast majority of them did not throw away their devices. God, most of them didn't even use any blocker whatsoever. So, when you suggest, that it's the only way, you're just not saying the truth.
    • Even if we would go mostly tech-free, there is still a lot of porn available offline. If we really crave it, it is very easy to still find it.

    So, I think you're "strategy" is not viable at all. Even if it would be, it's not even that good. But if you want to live like you're in prison, then go right ahead. However, I don't think it will help people and I don't think it's necessary for freedom. I think your suggestion is simply a waste of money, that's it.
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    in my opinion there is no blocker that fights tbis shitty addiction for u. you have to do it yourself,use ur own willpower.
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    It’s not a troll post. I respect your opinions. I think this helps for some people and not for others. At the end of the day it does come down to will-power. But we also can’t do it alone, i believe we need tips and tricks but we ultimately need the help and support of each other more than anything else other than the desire to recover from the effects of porn addiction. - Best Wishes, Ariel
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