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Reflecting on lockdown

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by greatvortex, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. greatvortex

    greatvortex Fapstronaut

    If you haven't done anything, that's ok, for those that haven't, what's something you would like to do?

    For the rest of you, what have you done in the past lockdown due to COVID? It could be something fun or productive, anything really.

    Personally, during this lockdown...
    1. I've managed to make a video game. I might share it here via Youtube soon (I might become the next Brackeys o_O).
    2. I managed to go out on a run by myself (I need to get new trainers though, I had blisters on my ankle the day after).
    3. I got back to doing hobbies I haven't done in ages, i.e. drawing and designing art.
    4. I've been planking every day for 2 and a half minutes, been doing 10 pushups a day, 10 bicep curls on each arm and 20 squats. Not sure how much workout I should be doing but I'm a beginner and I'm just getting started. Might progress further in the gym once lockdown ends.
    Would love to know what you guys want to do/have done!
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  2. Slimjimjones

    Slimjimjones Fapstronaut

    Good question! That's awesome that you got into working out and into older hobbies.
    •I got back into rock climbing
    •Increased my max big lifts and gained 10 lbs of muscle
    •Focused in on MMA skills
    •Focused on my hobbies such as blacksmithing, bushcraft, and HAM radio
    •Created a sound investment portfolio
    •Deeply Reconnected with old friends

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  3. WHMvsPMO

    WHMvsPMO Fapstronaut

    That's a decent plank for a beginner. Someone recently told me this woman in her 70s who apparently never worked out before really got into it, after a few years she was about to achieve the world record with holding a plank at 36 minutes.

    I've been working the entire time so don't really have more time and are not totally isolated at home, but by not doing stuff online in the evenings I have been able to do more self care things as well as more reading.
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  4. greatvortex

    greatvortex Fapstronaut

    I always wanted to rock climb but never had the opportunity to. Hopefully after lockdown I could find a rock climbing gym near college. You've done a lot during this quarantine, I'm proud of you. :)

    Yeah, creating a post like this may help others discover hobbies that they never thought of, prior to viewing this thread. It's also to satisfy my curiosity as I want to see what you guys are doing with your time. For instance, I completely forgot about rock climbing and now I'm like, man I wouldn't mind going rock climbing one day.

    About your other hobbies, awesome that you managed to gain 10lb of muscle. Is there a way to measure increase in muscle mass? I would like to know so I can track my progress when I'm lifting. Not into MMA unfortunately but round kicking your opponents does sound fun :D.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2021
  5. greatvortex

    greatvortex Fapstronaut

    Let's just say I'm a beginner when it comes to, generally, working out. I don't know many workouts and workout regimes which is why I stuck to the basics: Squatting, planking, push ups etc. I've always been fairly good at planking for some reason, maybe genetically gifted when it came to performing ab workouts. Sooner or later, I'll be planking every day for 3 minutes, we'll see :)

    Damn that person must be mentally strong, good for them. However I'm not sure about the fact that she was able to achieve the world record for planking. The world record for planking that I know of is 8 hours and 15 mins, achieved by George Hood. You don't have to be necessarily experienced at working out to start and become good at keeping the plank position for a long time. It just requires practice, like with anything really. The longer and the more frequent you plank, the better you'll be at planking for longer periods of time.

    Reading's fantastic. I'm trying to read Everyday Cryptography by Keith Martin but this book is pretty hard to read. Thanks for your input though, continue to please your boss and treat yourself with reading. :D

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