Regaining one's discrimination of other's (& their own) sexual energy with game-test to rate images

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by keshavboddula, Feb 14, 2019.

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    I'm thinking before posting in the "rebooting and porn addiction recovery" category, I should get clearance here for this being a good solution in the first place:

    Speaking on the SITUATIONAL CONTEXT..
    of being motivated/aroused in particular situations (from the actual environment you're in, like in a private bedroom, to the computer output you consume, like a particular website, to the particular pornographic content you use for satisfying euphoric, MISPLACED highs), I thought it is important for one to be able to regain their better discrimination of one's sexual energy.

    Basically what I'm thinking..
    there is images of a woman that LOOKS very sexy, or at least our brains have been conditioned/told to believe that by coupling certain images with certain sexual behaviors (or contexts) - like wearing makeup, sexy or no clothing, in sexually provocative positions (or actions), etc., but inside, with her actual feelings, motivations, and intentions may NOT be from sexual horniness, right? And vice versa, where a woman may NOT look sexy at all, but may be hot like fire...

    More specifically..
    It could be for other medias too, but I'm thinking of pictures here... ?would it be helpful if there was like a "?Do you think she's feeling hot or not?" picture rating test, where the model scores what she was feeling in a picture (pornographic or otherwise), and then viewers give their scores (like from 1-10), then desensitized viewers (who may have unknowingly given too much weight to the situational context, for better or worse), can learn to regain better discrimination, at least in this virtual, less dynamic context with pixels/images* Also, the model can even write descriptions, reasons, etc. of her feelings, etc. in the picture. I am talking from my own experience and the more relevant male problem-gender, but of course this idea can be applied to male models and for female recoverers, etc. perverted combinations.

    *... of course in real life, reading one's sexual energies/signals can be (much) more complicated than if you can do good on this kind of test, but at least this can be a good start in the recovering process, right?

    Please point out any sites or groups that already have this, or may be interested in this idea, thanks. (I also posting this in milovana website)

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