Regaining remorse of conscience

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    It is said, by the teachers of old, that one way towards objective morality is through the experiencing of remorse of conscience. In order to tell right from wrong, in an objective sense, one must follow their conscience. "Know thyself" is a familiar phrase that strikes a chord with this knowledge. One must study their being in order in experience their own conscience in the moment.

    It was also said, by the same teachings of old, that we have "squashed" our ability to experience remorse of conscience by pleasuring ourselves through the act of onanism. Self-pleasure is blinding us from experiencing objective morality.

    Those of us on this website see a need to change. To become better. The light keeps on shining. Our aim to become less dependent on something to feel good.

    "Faith of consciousness is freedom
    Faith of feeling is weakness
    Faith of body is stupidity

    Love of consciousness evokes the same in response
    Love of feeling evokes the opposite
    Love of body depends only on type and polarity

    Hope of consciousness is strength
    Hope of feeling is slavery
    Hope of body is disease"

    We all have seen the negative side of this act. We know that with pleasure, also comes pain. With pain, pleasure. It is my duty to become active in my search. To become more impartial to the pleasures and pains of life. If I do-consciously decide to-take it all in-more slowly. To feel what I am seeing, is my aim now.