rejected me but still wants to talk/be friends?????? ADVICE PLEASE

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Fightthedevil, Nov 19, 2018.

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    See I am pretty kind hearted and very sensitive i do not like to hurt people and can't never see someone sad or crying because of me but but but there was this girl i think i was,still pretty much am,in love with her. We've been friends for a long time so i decided to go for it and confessed and to my emo ass,i went pretty hard and said some pretty deep shit which i should not have and she said she didn't felt the same way. i said ok no problem and walked away and started being distant from her. we have same class and go to same place for learning programming,before,we talked a lo. i can easily make anyone laugh,i have cool sense of humor so she had pointed out several times she waits for the hour when we both hangout like this but now i am being a little cold and to the point talker with her. And she is not liking it,she is saying i am changed etc etc and misses the old me and many other things most girls say,and i feel guilty though i think i didn't do anything wrong right? i mean miss the old us too but i just can't look at her and not ignite my feelings. What should i do,should i be normal with her at the cost of my emotional health? i can't tell for sure if she's really hurting or is using me to fulfill her emotional needs until someone better comes along and she shows the middle finger to me,i love her but i have to also take care of myself right?
  2. It's common for guys in here asking for advice on getting friend zoned. You're basically gonna get a common response and that is to move on and find someone who is romantically interested in you. Cut ties with this girl if it bothers you too much. She'll get over it and you will too. Good luck!
  3. This is my opinion. I know there are drastically different opinions out there.

    Be cool with her and be friendly. Forget about the desire for romance. Treat her with respect and interact with her as another classmate. If you start acting all weird about it she’s going to think, “Good thing I didn’t get involved with him.”

    As @Righthandman76, said if it bothers you too much then cut ties.

    I asked a lady out at the airport that I see regularly. Perhaps not the smartest thing to do since at the time I hardly knew her. She said no. We’re still on a friendly work place status. I respect her space and treat her with respect. I haven’t given her a reason to think I’m an ass. I’m not worried about dating her anymore as there are a lot more women at the airport to meet.

    Hope all goes well with you in this situation.
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    Ah,I think that should probably do it,just because she isn't romantically interested in me doesn't she does not likes me as a human being,infact she does and has said numerous times. Being normal would probably be the cool choice,moreover there are just like 3 months left until we see each other on daily basis,i would get through this thank yall
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  5. Sounds like an excellent plan.
  6. Fightthedevil

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    Damn Dude. This quoting was funny and enlightening Lol,sorry. I am just confused.
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    dont worry dude. I say that being friends is good.
  8. Once you make your intention clear you change the dynamic of the relationship. Clearly you want her as a girlfriend and not a friend so if that isnt going to work then move on.
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    Generally when you get rejected and frienzoned and you want something more but she doesn’t the best route is to simply delete her number if you have it, stop texting her and slowly distance yourself from her both through technology and in person.

    If she attempts to make contact with you again, which is known to happen you need to remain firm on your desire to want something more than friendship, if she still refuses never reply to her again.

    I’ve read stories of guys getting out of the friend zone and turning these girls into their girlfriends with this method.

    From the girls perspective these girls typically enjoy talking to guys they’ve placed in the friend zone because it gives them an outlet to get attention and validation from a man without the added responsibility of actually being in a relationship with him. When you cut off all communication many times these girls come to miss your attention and give second thought into viewing you as something more than just a friend.

    What will be attractive to her and help her change her mind about you is you having the strength to ignore her. It makes you appear confident and that you don’t need her. In turn this elevates your value in her eyes.
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    Talk to her about other girls you are dating. Bring other women with you when around her and kiss them right in front of her.. I have had lots of girls i hit on who said no but we became friends and they invited me to parties and hooked me up with jobs and told other girls to date me.. Its good to have lots of cute women friends who hook you up with their girlfriends..
  11. clapbakc

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    To some girls this seems silly and desperate kinda cringe I would not recommend at all
  12. Cut off others if they don't output the same energy that you input.

    That being said, don't insult the woman. You can talk w her whenever she talks to you, just keep it friendly if you want. Start moving on
  13. Young Earthling

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    Your mistake was staying friends with her for a long time. You should have made your intentions clear to her after your initial few weeks of friendship with her
  14. Just move on be a man, you're gonna find one even hotter, and you'll sweep her off her feet instead that's what I did, besides sometimes people friendzone you because they know that it wouldn't work out. Just stay friends with them, you don't need to be all lovey dovey to interact with someone and if you do, go seek professional help.
  15. lolos

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    Women are not good at confrontation, so rather than straight up denying you she has tried to 'compromise', because it makes her fell better. You need to move on, she doesn't like you.
  16. I really like what this guy said.
    Now my opinion if she wants to be friends that's fine, respect her boundaries and just treat her like a human being. Move on. If she would like to start over she might say so.
  17. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    To be honest. Man and woman can't simply be friends. (Exceptions occur) Complications always occur.
  18. 0111zerozero11

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    See, I feel totally opposite. I would much rather hang with the guys than the girls. It's been that way my whole life....I have never crossed the friend-zone or developed any kind of feelings for my male friends.

    But, I also don't know their thoughts (my male friends). They could have been into me & I would have been clueless.

    I just did the full circle. Now I think you may be on to something. I'm going to ask my male friends if they ever had the feels for me, & I will report back with my updated stance :)
  19. Karimtolstoi

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    Hey buddy,

    I had lived pretty much the same story as yours. I advise you to ignore her, she will respect you for that because women cannot be friends. Don't be the nice man who is always nice to everyone but give everyone what she deserves.
    Trust yourself, you can find a better woman, more understanding, less selfish and don't waste your time cause finally you guessed it very well : She's just filling up a void she has in her boring life by talking with you. So don't be a tool, you are more than that and you deserve more.
    Have a good day.
  20. Ra's Al Ghul

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    Just move on. If you stick around you get to be her emotional tampon, which she would probably love.
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