Rejected... Relapsed.

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  1. So there I was...12 days clean... at the top of the world. Asked out a crush to prom, everything went great, even bought condoms since I was thinking about going back to her place. She calls me a couple of hours later (original plan was for her to call me, we go out and chill) and tells me she's happy with everything I did and is still going to prom with me... But lets me know that this is only a friend relationship (in a completely nice way) to prevent me from getting hurt. This hit me hard... I haven't faced rejection this bad in a while... I wasn't ready. I finally exposed my feelings again and was rejected once again. So I found the most reasonable way to get over it was to relapse. I'm a 19 decent looking guy and very talented (play sax and do acting). I was bullied as a kid and because of this I have low self confidence. I find porn as a drug to make me forget about all of this and rejection. I've gone from the top of the world back to the pits of hell. I need help and advice. I feel as if I'll never find a girl. Help me. I don't want to keep going back to porn.
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  2. Dude, just move on and you'll find someone better. Keep yourself under control and in such consequences do not relapse.
  3. relapse will not solve your problem, in fact, it gives you more problems
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    Just accept it. I did that and I'm 150 days in.
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    You're only 19. Generally life makes you stronger emotionally.
    You're doing ok, so just keep learning and trying.
    Read the Success Stories forum.
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    I've been there at that age...while it sucks big time and people say "someone else will come along" you think they won't but they do. I hate to say you shouldn't express your feelings to girls but it's true. In general it's better for them to say it first, just be a stud they can't get enough of and you won't be that guy if you're fapping to P. Good luck.
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  7. I am jealous of of your youth. Even though there is no "If I could go back to", I am telling you, if I could go back to the time of 19, I will get everything I want and be the person I want to be.

    You should realize, you are the one who is at this invaluable age. Have a problem? whatever the problem is, there are always problems, just figure it out. NEVER LET YOUR SPIRIT DOWN.
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    Accept it, learn from it, move on
    Tomorrow is another day to shine, stay strong.
  9. Thanks to all of you. For reminding me that life does have it moments of darkness... But I've got to get through them and become the man girls can't get enough of. I shouldn't have relapsed but as they say... "You learn from your mistakes" I will take what I've been able to learn from this relapse and will use it to make the right move next time rejection strikes in my life. Thanks!
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