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    All it really means is "No thanks. As a person with individual thoughts, feelings, upbringing, circumstances, and tastes, I'm not interested".

    It's not a statement on your self worth.

    Not everyone will like you just like you won't like everyone that you meet.

    You have the right to go for what you want and others have the right to say no.

    The problem is when you don't go for what you want and you try to take away their choice. By not even attempting or trying to manipulate their decision via deception.

    The faster you get rejected, the sooner you can move on to exploring others that would accept you. People who go on long stretches of being alone are usually people that avoid rejection.
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    Yes ! And I’d like to add that even if a hundred girls or guys reject you, never change who you are to be accepted. Accept yourself and be yourself. Don’t change who you are for others.
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    You can never find your better place, with better people, as a better version of yourself if you're busy acting like someone that you're not for the purpose of attracting someone that isn't into the real you. Even if you manage to trick that person into a relationship, you would have to trick them for the rest of the time you have together. Then slowly they ease off being fake and start showing who they really are because they think they have the relationship in the bag via marriage or kids. That's how years and entire lifetimes are wasted.

    So get rejected faster and more often. Show who you really are from the beginning. How else can the people who resonate with your honest self expression find you if you're busy hiding it.
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