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  1. Zero0777

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    Just relapsed on day 4.was trying to complete the 7 day challenge but my brain just takes over me after a while. But I have to think about it a lot and try finding a solution
  2. gingeralan

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    Maybe try thinking of something else. Join a gym, look after yourself, find a focus rather than just try to avoid PMO
  3. Bluespace123

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    Exactly what he said! When quitting porn we have to fill that void with something new and healthy, and it's very hard to do. I suggest find a new hobby, a new book series, learn to play an instrument, even start going on hikes.

    Another thing is that it is hard to learn new things, especially when it's too easy to fill those empty gaps with PMO, but we all know where that leads. So pick something to do to fill your time with and stick too it, make a routine out of it. Even if you relapse, still continue with your new activity.

    I'm struggling immensely myself, but I do my best to keep myself busy with healthy fulfilling things to do.
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