Relapse after 120 days...Do I f*cked this up?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ace_Kentura94, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. Ace_Kentura94

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    Hi,I'm new here,and sorry my English is really bad(From Russia with Love:),but I got a story to tell,I was huge addict to the porn since my 12 years old,over some time,I started to watch some extreme stuff,and at age of 17 I've got an ED,besides that,I fell into deep depression and I kind of lost all the good feelings,that was horrible.I started nofap almost a year ago.After many attempts,I finally reached 120 days of nofap hardmode,and my life changed for better,first of all it gives me more energy and way more time to do things that I love.(evrybody who starts nofap can experience that).Then I start getting more benefits,I became more focus,it helps with work out (my muscles never been as big),brain fog is gone,I got a few hobbies(because now I have more time) that I really enjoy,I started to meditate(well,I'm trying),what else?!..Oh,yeah,social anxiety is gone,I feel more comfortable around women,last day I tried to approach two grown women(they was hot),but no,I didn't get a number,but that was fun,I think,I got rid of an HOCD,(from which I suffer for a while),my voice became deeper,and now my face ain't look like a slice of Pepperoni(no zits at all),eventually,I started to enjoying my life,at the day 118 I start getting getting urges to have sex with a real girl,but now I don't have one,and I don't think it'll happend any time soon,then I thought,that...maybe,I could rent a prostitute(I know,it's stupid to thinking that way),then day after(today) it I watched a porn(and came 3 times,if that important),now I feel really bad,I was disgust actually,but couldn't quit,so what now?(I hope, I wrote everything correctly)
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    It sounds like you should reset your counter in this case. But don't lose hope! Your mental and physical progress won't go away after a reset.

    If you start to do it regularly, then that's a relapse, and it's hard to get out of that. Stay strong, and don't fall into your old bad habits.
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    First, you can be proud of you for everything you have done during all this time. The most important thing to do is to analyse this relapse and take decisions to never make this happen. And also, don't focus on your counter streak, you're going to restart at 0 day but it absolutely doesn't mean you are restarting all the process. Trust in yourself and don't stop your good habits !
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  4. Just don't slip back into your old habits, keep going with NoFap. You don't want to reverse those benefits!
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    Just keep it up brother! Remember why you do this. It must be a long-term commitment. Those 120 days is still under your belt. Just get back up. Knocks and failures may and Will probably come, the important thing is your mindset and How you react.
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    Stay strong man. You have done the hard mode for 120 days and you definitely can do it again. Think about all the terrible health issues you had experienced with PM and don't let them bother you again.
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    Thanks guys,it means a lot to me,I'm think I just was too happy that my ED almost gone,and began to think,too much about it,nofap defenetly making my life better,it's weird for me now what kind of crap I put myself through,I feel horrible about what happend yesterday and I will try to avoid all the triggers in the future

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