RELAPSE after 6 months

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by astrowxrld, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. astrowxrld

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    Recently ended a 6 month streak of nofap and thought I would just recap the standout benefits before logging my recovery from this relapse:


    This one was huge for me, being someone who was very anxious in social situations, continuously questioning “am I social enough” “why did I say that” “why can’t i be naturally social” at around 5 months I reached my peak in terms of being social, I thrives in social situations, I loved to talk and meet new people, no longer would I duck from invites and gatherings to stay in and masturbate, instead I would actively go looking for opportunities to meet people if not create them myself.

    2. Clear Mind

    I’ve felt such a clear head and been able to focus on a number of different things I had difficulty with in the past, my exam results have improved and I no longer second guess or question any of my thoughts or actions.

    3. Change in the way I view women

    During my time watching porn and from my recent relapse I have seen women in a sexual manner in a thirsty way with all I can think about is them in sexual imaginary situations. Whilst on 5 months without PMO whenever I saw a woman the thought of sex didn’t even cross my mind, being more interested in the potential connection I could have with the indiviual.

    Reaching 6 months had me on top of the world and unfortunately I’ve hit a stumbling block in relapsing but given my previous habits I can only take 6 months as a huge accomplishment and set myself to try and go further and eventually to quit forever.
  2. fan_of_all_might

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    Dude don't binge out! We all fumble. But you need to get right back up and I'm positive your benefits will remain. Stay strong bro. Can't wait for my godmode to kick in haha.
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  3. astrowxrld

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    Thanks bro, trust me when you reach it it’s so worth it
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  4. Such a great inspiration; I’m only day 6 but I’m determined
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  5. Usama sheikh

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    Great,dont give up:emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup:
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    CCJACK Fapstronaut

    Curious if you guys are abstaining orgasms as well? I’m in a long term relationship so thankfully I have her to help me out a bit but am still trying to abstain from PM. First attempt and only on day 4 without anything
  7. Uncomfortably Numb

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    Concentrate on all the days you did not PMO... do not linger on the relapse
  8. Lovable king

    Lovable king Fapstronaut

    You did it wow. I can tooo
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  9. potato bop

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    Hey, you’re inspiring me to not relapse. Stay strong for us, we are counting on you :D not everyone but still lol
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  10. theoptimist

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    Thank you for your post, I can relate after slipping on day 152. It is really a bless to stay on the recovery road.

    I really prefer to work on myself and chat with great people here to keep me motivated
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  11. astrowxrld

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    As an update I just wanted to mention that since relapsing following 6 months it’s taken me about 4 days to get back into the benefits even though I’m not 100% there I would say I’ve spent 4 days feeling a bit anxious, socially awkward, tired but after the 4th day I’m starting to feel like how I did when I built up a decent streak. Hope this tells you that relapses aren’t worth it and keep going all of you.
  12. You reached 6 months of NOFAP that's amazing!!!
    I hope you learned so much on this journey and im happy to see your benits remember a relaspe isn't a full setback you are free!!!!!!!!!!!
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