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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by diep, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. diep

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    If I have several days with low sleep quality (less than 7 hours), the next day I will relapse no matter what my logical mind tells me not to do it. I snapped at the recovery process several times like this. In these days, I feel pretty shitty all the time and my emotional mind seduces me into the action. It looks like the emotional part of my brain just overrides the logical part and impairs my decision making ability. Do you guys feel the same thing?
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  2. I mean, to kind of expand upon it a bit, anytime I'm stressed whether its emotional or under some sort of duress, then the chances of relapse go way up just as the nature of wanting to self-soothe. For years I did that with alcohol and now I'm just trying to get over it with masturbation and porn.

    So more specifically to your question, it's not surprising and makes sense.
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  3. HugoBoss

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    No, most of the time I just felt tired, exhausted and unmotivated.
    You gotta work on yourself and try to keep yourself busy enough without involving porn or masturbation in it,
    I don't think there's any other option
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    It's probably a defense mechanism your body uses to try and stay awake or try to put you to sleep. Definitely start by trying to gey more sleep, or find a new defense mechanism to replace your old habits... maybe make a long post on nofap each time you don't get enough sleep
  5. Jorics

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    Something similar happens to me, when i can't sleep (insomnia) the irratioinal part of my brain took the control and well... most of my porn relapses are because that, at 2 or 3 AM
  6. diep

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    Getting enough sleep is a very important in recovery process. After getting 8 hours sleep per day, my mind backs to normal and I can resist the urge easily. However there are very few researches on sleep and porn addiction. There are some researches said that sleep disturbances may put individuals at risk of relapse.
  7. Again, more generally, getting enough sleep promotes good health and reduces stress, which reduces the chance of relapse.

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