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  1. IggyIshness

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    I hate relapse dreams. I was in a dream or whatever and i saw semen coming out and i was like fuuuck im not rebooting again. The problem is i cannot tell if it was real or not. It wasnt a wet dream. I had 3 relapse dreams last night. I feel like i relapse or jacked off but i just cant remember if i did it or not. I know if i did jack off i wouldnt still be counting my days and i would be obsessing over it. I need help!! Im feeling so anxious and guilty over this i feel like im cheating my reboot (Im on day 3)
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  2. IggyIshness

    IggyIshness Fapstronaut

    This is why i quit the last reboot i had.
  3. WittLowryfan0915

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    its in your dream, so you have no control over it, right? in my opinion, you need to get out and meet a girl if you haven't already. not saying that you should try to get laid, especially since you're 14, but you should find as much motivation as you can to keep your mind off of this so maybe your dreams will change.
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  4. MJ93

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    Dude, did you even check your pants after you had this 'relapse dream'?

    It happens. You need to chill out. Wet dreams can't be controlled. I know I freaked out when I had my first wet dream, months after I joined NoFap.
  5. LoyalKnight

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    Wet dreams are a good sign. A sign that your brain is rewiring. Why would you reset your streak when a good thing happens?....
  6. Retentionman

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    Even if it was a relapse why the fuck would you quit? just keep pushing man, but anyway it was not a relapse. These nopmoing rules work with the conscious mind. If you are not conscious during a 'relapse' then it's not a relapse, it's just your subconscious doing its thing. If you can't even remember it was clearly your subconscious. Don't worry man.
  7. IggyIshness

    IggyIshness Fapstronaut

    I dont think a girl will do anything about it and idc about girls.
  8. IggyIshness

    IggyIshness Fapstronaut

    I feel like i relapsed and i cant tell if its real or not. I hate them.
  9. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

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    Relax, live today, and look for good things.

    If you can do something about it to make it better, do it.
    If you can't do anything about it, don't worry about it.

    What are you enjoying today?
    What are you learning today?
    How are you growing today?

    What will you enjoy tomorrow?
    What sill you learn tomorrow?
    How will you grow tomorrow?
  10. Awakening123

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    Maybe you wanted to relapse in real life subconsciously so you released in your sleep, so you can relapse in real life.
  11. ILoathePorn

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    Those kind of dreams suck. Those kinds of dreams and wet dreams don't count as a relapse. It is actually a good sign that your reboot is being successful. Your brain is rewiring itself. It is also a good sign because it means your brain is trying to trick you into relapsing. It wants that dopamine hit and since you aren't letting it have it while you are awake it is trying to get it while you are sleeping and have no control. You are doing good. Keep up the great work. Stay strong!
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  12. Joe peasci

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    Iggy, I'm on nofap on and off, when I come back I see ur posts and my heart drops for u. I'm a very caring person and u must not be getting proper treatment.. You definitely have some OCD based on ur posts and u should get a full assessment preferably by a neuropsychologist and if ur parents can afford it look for a costly one.. Even if u succeed in quitting MO u might find that ur still emotionally detached because of a pyschological problem.. Don't worry pyschological(personality) problems are like the only mental illness that are curable, especially if u catch it at ur age.. Get out of this anxiety, brain fog loop that u have to quit MO.. Ull work on cutting down on that later on with a trained professional. I hope ur parents are supportive because that's important.
    I want to let you know that a lot of people with personality disorders never seek treatment because they think that they're confused way of thinking is the norm and as a result they suffer.. Be open minded in seeking help..
    I have extra admiration for you because ur a tennis player, and I don't want something to jeopardize ur chances of become pro like it did to me.
    Best of luck!
    Pm if u want to talk

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