Relapse every 3 months

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by PayneInPain, May 27, 2019.

  1. PayneInPain

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    (Sorry For Bad English)

    Ok so.. I was thinking to relapse every 3 months scene it can prevent prostate cancer.
    I mean.. Is it fine to do this? Any Advices for this?
  2. Reborn_

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    Terrible idea. You might hit 90 days, but after you relapse once, you won't be able to hold off for another 90 days, you will binge.
    It's much better to simply quit.
  3. lofi

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    Yeah quitting porn definitely. But masturbating is ok as long as it's not controlling you...
  4. PMOare4SoyBoys

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    I don't see the problem in relapsing every 3 months, if you can last for that long then you're no longer controlled by the addiction of PMO.
  5. fapping doesn't prevent prostate cancer and you won't have prostate cancer either unless you are like 80 yrs old or above
  6. a friend died around 50 from that.
  7. ...
  8. just have normal lifestyle and don't binge on food or whatever, you will be fine. Cancer is not easy to get, and you should not be afraid of death, it is just a natural process
  9. I support you brother. Teach us, that is true! The guy I mentioned was a really hard worker. Many of them are dying like 50 from "overdose". Spread ya knowledge!

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