Relapse? Hot dentist! Help!!

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Hotscone!, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Yo nofappers!

    Story time:

    So today I was at the dentist. I came in and saw this really really/ super hot beautiful dentist. She told me to wait a bit ( we had a little conversation, before it was my turn).
    She laughed and I could feel a connection)
    Like she was lowkey biting her lips and we had fully blown eyecontact.. like I was watching her soul through her ice blue eyes ;D

    Finally the real/my dentist called me. I went in and she began to do what she had to do. After a moment the hot dentist came to help. And I swear to god I could feel there was something on its way. Maybe it was me (and my nofap brain) but the hot dentist stood right next to my upperbody/shoulder.. and Yes I could feel her [email protected]@&) she kept moving back and forward during the work. And MY dentist stood like half a meter a way!

    Somehow I managed to stop the upcoming boner.. and finally they were done!

    After the time at the dentist, I didnt catch her name so I started to search for it - I couldn’t find it.. Fuck

    I finally got home and I really had to take a piss.. and there it was.. some semen was already released:(

    it’s my hard mode on 4 months without PMO.

    Now I don’t feel sad or anything
    - but my question is: Was this a relapse or some kind of a back setter ?

    (It’s my first post, admin delete my post if not allowed)
  2. kropo82

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    No, that's not a relapse, stay strong.
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  3. Hotscone!

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  4. Infrasapiens

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    Good for you man.
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  5. Nope. I wouldn't call it a relapse at all. You did not look at P, you did not M and you possibly didn't even have an O. But you did have an emission. And now you are on a slippery slope, so beware!

    It is likely that you will have intense cravings for another emission and/or a full-blown orgasm, especially over the next few days.
    And, over the next few weeks (at least this has been my experience), you may find yourself wanting to repeat that experience somehow or feeling like maybe you can tempt fate.

    Congratulations on your awesome experience. I'm sure that she sensed something about you (i.e. 4 months of semen retention!) but now you are at high risk of a relapse. You should be extra careful.
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  6. Hotscone!

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    Thanks +Tenpercent, I appreciate the time you took for answering this!<3

    Hell yeah - im feeling some kind of tingling in my down areas, like Sometimes I’m about to explode/ have inner orgasm. I also noticed semen when peeing. My urges are all up in the roof.

    I will definitely be careful. I won’t PMO.

    Anyway thanks again, stay strong!!
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  7. Hotscone!

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    Thanks man!
  8. SuperPowers

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    Its nothing.

    And wet dream is nothing.
  9. Randy Andy

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    You are using sexual euphemism that seems to me to show the true problem, which is too long to explain here plus most people don't give a shit and just keep participating in the mental game of the addiction while pretending to be interested in a solution. As long as you are talking about people that way it doesn't really matter what you do or don't do.
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  10. I have to agree with RA. You have to stop making such personalised allusions to sexual arousal. I'm afraid you're not taking your addiction seriously enough.
    I have had the same thing happen to me. I have nearly ejaculated while in the company of attractive women. I become nauseated and aroused at the same time when this happens.
    Yet you, Hotscone, appear to be aroused and excited. You must disabuse yourself of any excitement you may feel. This is vital or you are bound to relapse. Take care and good luck.
  11. CodeTalker

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    Sorry I couldn’t stop myself from rolling my eyes reading some of the sentences.

    Not a relapse but I don’t know if sexualizing everyday situation is a good thing.
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  12. JustAVenezuelan

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    My Journal
    Congratulations but You shouldn't think with the Penis, but with the mind. If both like them, make a time and pass with conversations until a date. But stay strong and avoid the erotic images in your mind.
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