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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Lurch, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Lurch

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    Hey fapstronauts, Lurch here. So my end of the year exams are almost finished done tomorrow actually (Wed 18th). I have my Stats final in like 3 hours and I'm here to ask you guys something.

    So just last night, or I guess tonight I made the decision to pull pretty much an all-nighter and stay up to study statistics. I made the conscious decision to attempt and take a nap at like 3am so that's what I did. Mind you I take adderal and had, had my fill of caffeine for the time being. As I was laying in my bed those thoughts started to come back, and they were definitely working efficiently. I'll spare you the details but I ended up O'ing after about 30 minutes in this state. Was wondering if this counts as a relapse? This is really my first time around the NoFap block. Even though I relied on no external stimulation of either P or M, while still achieving an O. I definitely don't feel that guilty about it and it was actually kind of gratifying to not rely on such large amounts of stimulus. I just hit two weeks on my counter and would hate to see it revert back to 0. Anyways I'd love to know what you guys thanks.
    Thanks, until next time
  2. Anand Sharma

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    Hello Lurch, I didnt get your word "o'ing"(orgasming)?), but until and unless you haven't done it voluntarily, it aint a relapse. To control this thing, simple advise (please try), whatever you are doing don't allow yourself a single second or minute to think of something else until youveycompleted the work. Good luck for the exam

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