Relapse on first 34 Day Streak (& thoughts)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by questtocure, Aug 20, 2019.

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    Hey Fapstronauts,

    I was continuing my longest streak, easy as hell with no thoughts of watching porn and what not, until a few days ago, where I edged in the shower (wanted to test sensitivity and let it get a hold of me). Searching around I saw that edging was considered a relapse, and so I thought it'd be best to be honest to myself and to honour Hard Mode by resetting my counter today :(

    During these 30 days, I can confirm I've noticed a significant increase in concentration, as well as my ability to sleep a good nights rest and wake feeling fresh, rather than groggy. I had achieved a wet dream on my 4th day, and morning woods from the 7th day onwards (almost every single day after that). :(

    Aside from all that, I did not reset my counter during two instances with my gf: where she wanted to have sex (I have PIED btw), and so we tried anyways and as I was erect during foreplay, it went soft when it came to the time to PIV.. this is when I realised that though I am achieving many of the benefits and recovering on the way, it definitely wasn't enough.

    One more key note is that after edging, I found the next morning and few days afterwards that I felt like shit and started waking up feeling groggy once again and that this thought of my relapse had always been on my mind.

    Now that I understand the effects of edging, etc., I am going to stay away from that shit and embark on my quest to cure my PIED! I miss sex with my gf :( Legit the best sex ever lmao, #FUCKPORN.

    Keep it going strong fellas
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    Way to go, man! Here's some encouragement from a brother standing right next to you. Now that you have tasted the benefits of no PMO, keep at it and just don't give up. The next victory is always just around the corner and every day you wait, your brain and body will heal a little more...!
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    Update: I fucked up. My brain thought: I technically relapsed though I didn’t O, might as well just PMO before starting my next streak..

    Definitely not worth and porn just didnt feel right this, fuck that.

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