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  1. sharing - heard on another podcast about making relapse commitments, so if you relapse you do something you dont want to do. so you are avoiding tthe relapse but also avoiding the "punishment". decided to give £50 ($75) each time i relapse to homeless people / charitable cause. now its a lot of cash for me, and i really dont want to do it. but i see it as another way to up my own self accountability

    really need to keep it active in the brain, so it acts as another barrier to relapsing
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    That's a good idea. Once heard a professional counselor made a little adjustment on that: donate the money to an organization you really Dislike............ equals more motivation to behave. Or maybe you are being to hard on yourself...... the tips below are free.

    Here's some tips you may like:

    You literally don't have to watch porn ever again. (self.NoFap)
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    BazookaMorpheus88 Days

    2. When PMO is not even an option (self.NoFap)
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    Kestral 233 days

    3. Google: "The pain of self-discipline [4] is far less than the pain of regret [8]" ..... Find an image you like......... and save it onto your computer or phone.

    4. Treats or dessert (for good behavior). Also, if possible, buy something related to a hobby you really enjoy.

    5. Some guy on line had this great advice: " Never touch your dick……[or female parts for women]."
    Tip……. when showering use a wash cloth

    6. Humor :) ....... Google: "Glad you could join me Mr. Bond". Funny, somewhat possessed toddler............... Anyone know the Villain the toddler is supposed to represent?

    7. Click on the NoFap "Emergency" button and find an image you like (positive influence):
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  3. thanks man, will have a trawl through

    and good idea re giving it to something i dislike
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    Stop doing that!

    Negative reinforcements don't work, this has been proven time and again by modern psychology
    This is a medieval practice.

    What works is positive reinforcement.
    Donate your money AS A REWARD. When you reach a certain goal. And only do it if it actually makes you feel good.

    Seriously, stop doing negative reinforcement, it leads to psychosis and OCD, it's like cutting yourself
  5. thanks for this, i was thinking similar but not in the light of negative re-inforcement
    agreed it doesnt make sense, as i relapse i will be down, so no point making my mindset worse

    will work towards positive - hit 10 days and do something / gift something
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  6. was thinking maybe every 5 days till i hit say 30 days, i can reward

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    Yes, something like that. It's about making a realistic goal, not too big, but not too easy either.
  8. And who is controlling you to give the money after a relapse?

    I don't like this sort of "tricks". A relapse is a huge self-punishment on itself.
    That for me is enough to stay away from it.
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    good ide
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    I tried something similar. I'm a bald guy and when I grow my hair I look pretty silly with patches of no hair if I don't shave it off. So I did this thing where I was not going to cut my hair until day 90 atleast. But it didn't last. I went close to 30 days but it just got to a point where I was suffering. Was embarrased to ever take my hat off, I looked like a bum. I ended up relapsing and thab cut the hair and said never again.
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  11. interesting
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    i do shave also wenn j'am doing NoFap, I feel much better like this ;-)

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