Relapse,Relapse and Relapse.

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  1. I Relapsed 4 times in Past 2 days.I'm Unable to control Urges.When They Hit me,My Whole Identity Changes.And as the time passes,My Emotion to Quit PMO Weakens.I'm in Serious Complex Condition now. I Seem to Forget Everything when i'm having Urge.It Feels Way more Comfortable just to lay on bed and masturbate prone.Why Does this Changes so Much Quickly.
    -It Hurts when Teachers Scold me,It Hurts When I Get Low Marks,It Hurts When I lose my Identity among Toppers,It Hurts When I'm A Mediocre,It hurts to see Other Students Getting Past me in Ranks,It Hurts to See So Much Work Pending,It Hurts to see My Goals flow away,It Hurts to see Opportunities come so Close and Get Away,It Hurts to See Time Ticking Away,It Hurts to See me Procrastinating,It Hurts to See me Relapse,It Hurts to Send Message to My AP,and Telling the Whole Story,It Hurts to Post A Forum After A Relapse here,It Hurts to See Other People Progress and see Me at Zero After ever few Days,IT HURTS to See My Love Story ending Before it Starts,IT HURTS TO SEE ME BREAKING A PROMISE MADE TO MY LOVE.MAN,IT HURTS SO MUCH,BUT I STILL,STILL,AND STILL watch porn and masturbate,just to escape these above guilts,and I'm in this Cycle Again,and I'm Getting worse and Worse.I Don't know,but It Feels like I have a Fear of Working Hard,Living My Dreams.
    -I Don't Smoke.
    -I Don't Drink.
    -I Don't Abuse Anyone.
    -I Don't Say F**k,or Bi**h etc. in my Sentences.
    -I Don't flirt Anyone.
    -I'm Loyal to My Love.
    -I Have Dreams For My Country.
    -I Want to see Everybody Happy.
    -I Can't Watch Any Crime happening in front of me.
    -I have Dreams of World Peace.
    -I Want to Make a Love Story,never Forgotten.
    -I Don't Believe in Casts,Color.I Never Criticize or Tease anyone because of his color.

    Why do i face Such Problems?
  2. BeastGod

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    Life is hard mate,just keep on fighting, if there was no up and downs in your life, you do be death, so be grateful that you are alive and keep fighting! You are a fighter man, this pain will be all worth it when you ve' succeded, because this PAIN.. Makes YOU STRONGER!
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    I don't know your individual circumstances. But, there is something i would suggest to those who's addictions are off the deep end in severity. Consider getting away from the internet for weeks. Literally go where you cannot access it. Find a camp, group, whatever. Just get away from the internet. Yes you will struggle, but in all likelihood you will be safe from porn for the first few hardest weeks.

    Also, good things don't happen to people just because they are good. Good things happen when you make them happen.
    Good luck
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    Everyone feels same bro who are addicted. the only thing is how strong u r. without effort nobody get success. like if u want to gain good marks in exams then u have to study hard same if u want to quit u have to stand hard. dont think sex dont see sex dont read sex dont talk sex. stay away from all type of sexual content. u trained ur mind to feel unreal sex like real. same u can train ur brain to forget abt it. i know its not easy as easy for me to type this post but its not impossible. u have to belive in urself. u have to decide. once a man decided to get a thing he will try its best to get it. so decide to quit it fill ur mind with the thoughts of quitting so whenever urge come u can defeat it. train ur brain not to think abt sex or porn. its all matters with brain. if u control it ull become a winner. dont let ur brain win. stand hard and once u get start seeing results ur will become strong automatically.
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    Here's the thing , although it might seem colossal at first , willpower can and does run out , eventually . I think what you need to do is put some walls between you and PMO when your willpower is strong so that when it runs out , you remember how hard you have worked to stop .

    There are many softwares out there to block P from your computer . The one I use is called K9 which works really great (especially because I threw away my password ) . So , you should give it a try .

    Look at your signature . Instead of thinking : I relapsed , I relapsed and I relapsed , try to say : I got back up again , I got back up again and I got back up stronger .

    Good luck , man . You sound like a really great person and you deserve a better life.

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