Relapse to normal masturbation as a possible cure and mental motivation?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by RamboErecto, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. RamboErecto

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    So Im about 1 year on the NoFap lifestyle, obviously I had TONS of relapses and basically never had a streak bigger than 10 days.

    But something has happened to me last time, I just can see that I learned a thing the last time I relapsed, and that wasnt like the other times.

    You will see: My proposal for myself when I started to do this was no PMO never again, of course that is the major objetive of the most people here. But there was this thing: Every time I relapse I just watched the old P material that I used to use for get arousal during a lot of times, is like this big vault of videos, games and other materials that will never be away from my mind, even if I get clean, because I used to get arousal with it during several years.

    The last time I relapse, about 4 days, I just get aroused by old remembers of a girl that I used to have sex with.

    For some reason, I never, ever, tought about relapsing not to P, "if the relapse happen, better to do it well and enjoy it" is what I tought then.

    The point is, the last time, for some reason, I said this:

    "This time, when I get to that point where the relapse happen, I will not use porn or the old imaginary scenarios to do it. The next time that the hornyness overwhelm me, I will just go to the shower and take a bath, then I will masturbate slowly with the empty mind and only reach O by physical sensations"

    For some reason, after decide that the next relapse I will not use P, my mind just unlocked another point of view, is almost like right now I dont have reasons to masturbate, since watching P was the main reason I think.

    But now, Im like "Im not watching P if I relapse, so there is no point in relapse"

    Im feeling like that to relapse but not to P is kinda a waste. Every time I relapse I decided to do it with porn, since when I started this, the number of times that I had a PMO sesion has definitely be reduced. I will relapse and get into the chaser effect, but sometimes I will relapse and then keep it up for some more days.

    But after decided that the next relapse will not be using P, is like my mind is way more clear, and my idea about masturbation has changed.

    I just wanted to share this story. After write this, for some reason I lose some security about not watching, maybe because I just remembered a lot of P things that I should not remember.

    Just wanted to share it, maybe it help others.
    Maybe someone has a similar history or experience that can teach me more things about this behavior.

    Thank you for read, please Id like also to take some advices for get stronger in order to not watch P again.

    Your always present Rambo.
  2. Overforme

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    No PMO means - no porn, masturbating, or orgasm in any sense. It doesnt matter if you're not using porn to masturbate, you're not healing the neuro pathways at all. Masturbating is still an ugly habit even with just imagining whatever it is that gets you to that "high." It doesn't replicate true reward of sex with a real woman at all. You're still in a habit that is harmful to the brain. This is still considered chasing dopamine in the wrong manner. Don't listen to anyone that says as like as you dont use P, than M is ok in order to O. From what all the people that have healed this nasty addiction have said is that it takes hardmode of no P- no M - and no O -UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This includes not even sex with a mate for 90 days so that your pathways can properly heal. I'm less than a month away from my 90 goal absolute hardmode and then I will be looking for a new girl. This should be the only way to heal.
  3. RamboErecto

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    The topic was not about that, but I appreciate the advice anyway, I will try to do my best!

  4. Xander_

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    If you wanna reboot correctly and properly, there are no shortcuts. You have to give up porn, masturbation and orgasm together in order to be fully rebooted. There are no tricks, shortcuts, roundabouts or anything like that.

    In the end, you do what works for you. However, i am saving you a lot of time right now by saying you will be way off better by going full hardmode and taking it very seriously. Whenever that urge comes, you need to find a proper way to deal with it. You're not giving your brain enough time to reboot itself if you masturbate. Sure, masturbating without porn is less hamrful but if you're a porn addict, its still harmful regardless. Get it together and go full hardmode, you'll do yourself a favor.
  5. w95chris

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    That is progress indeed. I can relate on some level at least. That means that your brain is trying to rewire with some success. However, you should not think that relapsing without P is normal as of yet. You should focus on abstaining from PMO in order for your brain to successfully rewire and overcome your addictions.
    The choice is your of course, if you wish to sustain just from porn then fine because you only know what fits better to your brain
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