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  1. Alfadx

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    Hey guys I'm new here, i have been trying nofap since 1 year but keep relapsing again and again. I just fapped few minutes ago and came here. My longest streak was 45 days.
  2. SoaringEagle

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    Do not let this dissuade you!
    Sex addiction is no small thing, relapses are to be expected but what is important is that you reduce your frequency, this means if last year you had an average of say 10/ month and this year you have an average of 5/ month. You are closer to recovery.

    If you can use an app or store a record on paper it might help you keep track of your recovery. The long streak you have are essential for rewiring your brain and are an accomplishment even if you relapsed afterwards. Your 45 days streak means that you have given your brain 45 days to rest from harmful activity which is better than 0 rest days.

    Keep up the good work and keep trying, the more you try the more you will learn about yourself and your triggers, some people might spend 2 years and never get up to 21 days streaks. You can make it!

    And welcome to the forums!
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    How do you evaluate yourself after a relaspe ànd what are your plans towards fixing why you relasped? Before we can even do nofap we have to know everything about ourselves.

    What are our triggers? What is our purpose in life? Why are we doing nofap? What feelings/activities lead me to relasping?

    Once we self evaluate we can then start putting in a plan of action.

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